Thursday, May 30, 2019

A Small-Town Salon for Femulators

Scarlett and Katie
Back in March, Slate published an article that flew under my radar until now. "Finding Femme – The quiet resistance of a small-town stylist for trans women and cross-dressing men" by Lily Moore-Eisenberg tells the story of a woman who is a feminine image consultant working out of the basement of her rural New England home.

I found the article while searching for something else on the Internet and I probably would have passed over it except that I recognized the name of the consultant's business, Scarlett's Makeovers, which is located in northeastern Connecticut

I saw Scarlett perform her magic at Fantasia Fair back in 2012 and later that week, I dined with her at an upscale restaurant in Provincetown. I broke bread with her again along with her femulating husband, Katie, a year later at One Big Event in Hartford.

So I just had to read the article about Scarlett and her thriving business. It was a good read and I am sure you will enjoy reading it, too.

Source: Joie
Wearing Joie

Jake Manabat
Jake Manabat femulating on the California stage in 📺 M.Butterfly


  1. When I lived in Boston I wasn't aware of any of these places. We need a place like that here in Spokane WA.

  2. AnonymousMay 30, 2019

    Thanks for the link to a great article!
    For all the others who wonder why such a place is NOT in their home town, "If you build it .... Velma