Thursday, May 2, 2019

A Moot Point

Almost nobody gives a damn about your life but you and there's a good chance you don't give as much of a damn as you think. If you did, you'd already have done the hard work necessary to change yourself to match your idealized image. Most people aren't capable of that. It's too hard, we're too lazy as a species, and life is just too long and too filled with problems that need immediate solving. And then, at some point, you're not in the picture anymore, and it's all a moot point, for you anyway. — Matt Zoller Seitz & Alan Sepinwall, The Sopranos Sessions

Source: Intermix
Wearing Michelle Maso top, Ganni skirt and Alexandre Birman sandals (Source: Intermix)

Femulator, circa 1930
Femulator, circa 1930

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