Friday, May 10, 2019

On the Road Again

This is the only photo I have of me and my Subaru. I must get more photos with the favorite car I ever owned.
This is the only photo I have of me and my Subaru. I must get more photos with the most favorite car I ever owned.

I have driven my Subaru thousands of miles cross-country cross-dressed and I will do so again next week when I drive from Connecticut to Ohio and back. My experiences as a woman driver were revealing to me.

(Funny story: After I purchased my Subaru back in 2007, a lesbian friend remarked, "How appropriate," because Subaru's are reputed to be the vehicle of choice among lesbians. I had no idea!)

👠 If I wear shorts or a short skirt or short dress when I drive, tractor trailer drivers will occasionally honk in appreciation of the view. Even though I am an old lady, I have had this experience more than once.

👠 No surprise here, but male drivers will take advantage of woman drivers. Men drive more aggressively when they cross paths with me. They assume that I will back off and give them the right of way, which I usually do, not because I am meek and mild, but because I am crossdressed. I do not want to get into an accident, then have to deal with civilians and police as an outed crossdresser, which showing my driver's license will clearly reveal.

👠 Following up on the previous point, I drive legal as a woman driver. I closely follow all the rules of the road because I don't want to deal with police as a crossdresser. My understanding is that in my neck of the woods, dealing with the police is not an issue because they have been trained to deal respectfully with our kind. Beyond my neck of the woods, who knows? In any case, who wants to deal with the police respectfully or not?

👠 Car trouble as a woman driver is a piece of cake. You won't break a nail or get a smudge of car grease on your skirt fixing the problem. Being an AAA member is one solution, but instead of waiting for AAA to show up, just look helpless and soon a gentleman will stop by and do the dirty work. It happened to me once while shopping at a strip mall. When I returned to my car with my purchases, my car would not start, so I opened the hood to see if that would help. It did! Within minutes, two gents in a pickup truck pulled up, assessed the situation and determined that my battery was dead. They carefully explained to me how to start the car by popping the clutch and I was quickly on my way.

👠 Passing is easy as a woman driver. Just use your turn signal to indicate what you are doing and when the passing lane is clear, speed up to enter the passing lane. After you passed, use your turn signal again and return to the travel lane. Seriously, passing as a woman is easier sitting inside your car. Tinted glass and reflections off the glass camouflage your appearance so you are less likely to be read sitting in your Subaru. Waiting at a traffic light one night, a guy in the lane next to me rolled down the window on the passenger side of his car and tried earnestly to engage me in conversation. I ignored him, but I assumed that I passed especially since it was dark.

👠 During long roadtrips, you are likely to need to use a restroom. I have no fear about using the ladies' room in Connecticut because I know the state laws protect me, but I feel less comfortable using the ladies' rooms in other states because their state laws may not protect me. However, I will feel even more uncomfortable if I don't use the ladies' room, so I do what I have to do and have never had a problem. For what it's worth, I have successfully relieved myself in ladies' rooms in the following states: Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Rhode Island and West Virginia.

And so I go.

Source Bebe
Wearing Bebe

Womanless fashion show (circa 1970)
Womanless fashion show (circa 1970)


  1. Diane SmithMay 10, 2019

    It is no myth at all that Subarus are popular among lesbians. The company knows this and has marketed specifically toward that demographic for over 20 years. There's a great article about it at:

    I just bought a brand new 2019 Outback about three months ago.

  2. Hey! I recognize that driveway.

    Oh yeah, the truckers get a view. I was going up to Vermont with Teresa in her convertible with the top down and a truck that passed us slowed down and we passed him. Then he flew by us and slowed down so we had to pass him again; we figured out what he was doing and waved, and Teresa stepped on it and left him in the dust.

    I got in an accident before I transitioned and the Maine state police officer was very nice, he asked me what my preferred name and used that while talking to me while the paperwork was in my legal name.

    I got a flat and I had the jacked up and was jumping up and down on the lug wrench trying to break lose the lug nut with no luck as cars were flying past me not stopping. This nice young black man stopped and changed the tire for me and he put the flat and equipment back in the trunk afterward.

    I never had a problem with highway rest area except for wet toilet seats

    Have a safe trip.

  3. Passing in a car! That really brought a LOL! I have a 2001 Honda CR-V. It is not a vehicle with enough oomph to pass unless I'm on the interstate.

    Safe travels on your road trip.

  4. Nice legs are nice legs, Hon'Even an old biddy like me gets eyed when I'm driving with my skirt up high, And that's not accidental, by the way. Why not let people "sneak a peek"? Better people should look at my legs than at my shoulders and face. Maybe that's my strategy for "passing while driving" -- distraction.

    Several years ago I had an exchange with a UPS driver. We were stopped at a light and my window and his door were open. "Nice long legs", he said to me. "And they reach all the way to the ground", I responded. I don't have a feminine voice by any stretch of the imagination. He responded, "Well, you sure fooled me". I was surprised and pleased with this compliment and told him, "Thanks Hon'" as the light changed. It was only then I wondered if he should be driving with vision like that. But you take your compliments when you get them!

  5. AnonymousMay 10, 2019

    As retired Teamster who spent many days climbing in/out of tractors, my legs still look good just in guy shorts. I recently was complimented 'nice legs'.
    "Thanks, I replied. You ought to see them in hose and heels!

  6. AnonymousMay 10, 2019

    If by chance you are deficient in knowledge about lesbian culture, perhaps a visit to in in order. I subscribe via email.
    As my nephew comments (I wonder about that boy): 'I am a lesbian trapped in a mans body'.