Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Never Gets Old

Staffing our booth at Hamvention 2018
Staffing our booth at Hamvention 2018
Velma wrote, "Your comments on having two days out en femme in one week brought a recollection from one of our recent support group meetings. Several of us had concluded that they feel satisfied, grounded, calmed and focused after about two days out femulating per week. More time out than that did nothing to increase the changed feelings, but additional femulation almost became burdensome.



Sure, it feels good to kick off my heels and take off my girdle after a day out as a woman, but I am always ready to do it over again the next day and the day after that.


Despite my body parts, I am a feminine being and femulating fulfills the need to express that femininity that I had hidden in a closet for most of my life.

And I disagree with the statement that "More time out than that [2 days] did nothing to increase the changed feelings."

Quite the contrary, every additional minute that I am out en femme just confirms my being as feminine. My feminine reaction to every little thing that occurs when I am out just adds to the pile of confirmations that indicate that I am indeed a woman.

Velma also wrote, "I am aware you have mentioned that you would dress full time if possible. Did you always feel this way or did this desire grow and evolve through time? How many days have you gone dressed en femme on a continuous basis?"

Once I discovered that it was possible to live full time as a woman, I had a strong desire to do so. My commitment to my wife is the only thing holding me back, so I try to fulfill that desire as best as I can  by living full time as much as possible in those chunks of time that do not involve my wife.

My longest continuous chunk of time en femme was seven days the four times I attended Fantasia Fair for the full week. But in my opinion, that does not count because it is not a real life experience. Most of the civilians you encounter in Provincetown are aware that the Fair is in progress and assume every tall woman is a femulator.

So I feel that my longest real life experiences en femme were my five days attending a workshop in New York City and my annual five-day trips to Ohio to attend Hamvention. There most of the civilians are unaware of my origins and I can genuinely experience life as a woman.

Source: Unique Vintage
Wearing Unique Vintage (Source: Unique Vintage)

P.R. Morgan
British soldier P.R. Morgan femulating in the Timbertown Follies during World War I.


  1. Yup - never gets old. I have gone weeks between femulating activities, and have lived as Julie full time for a few days at a time. Never gets old. Never will.

  2. Agree with you again Sister. Another well written blog. You have a way of expressing what some of us cannot yet express even to ourselves. Well done and keep moving forward on your fabulous journey.

  3. Again Stana, you've expressed what so manyof us feel ❤��