Sunday, June 2, 2019

That Old Gang of Mine

I am sure it won't surprise you that I am excited about attending my high school class reunion on Saturday. It will be one of the gutsiest things I have ever done.

When I attended Hamvention for the first time as a woman, I came out to my friends and acquaintances beforehand so as not to surprise anyone. And when I attended my law school reunion as a woman, the organizers posted an online list of the folks attending, so I knew beforehand who would be there and be prepared for any troublemakers (there were none).

So, I am curious who will be attending my high school reunion. How many of my high school friends would I surprise?

There is no online list of attendees. But I did have a list of the 13 women comprising the reunion committee, so I assume they will be attending. I consider 3 of the 13 friendly acquaintances, the rest I hardly knew.

I contacted the only friend who I knew was going and asked if he knew anybody else from our gang who would be attending, but he did not. So all I know for sure is that in addition to me, one member of that old gang of mine will be there.

And so it goes.

Source: Venus

Wearing Venus

David Tennant femulates in the Scottish television series Rab C. Nesbitt.


  1. Good luck at your school reunion. I hope it goes well.

    PS: how did you get on with Rab's accent? :-) BTW, Ms Tennant has a brief turn as a demonic nanny in Good Omens.

    1. I had to enable Closed Captions to understand what was being said.

  2. My 35th reunion would have been last year but was cancelled shortly before the date due to lack of interest.

    Have fun at your reunion.

  3. Sally StoneJune 03, 2019

    Stana, you are so brave. But, I'm certain your reunion will go well. I gave thought to what it might be like if I attended my HS reunion as Sally, but it was just a thought, not a real compulsion. My public, feminine self expression is still quite compartmentalized and I am not out to any of my family or childhood acquaintances. Consequently, outing myself to my HS class would no doubt, expose my secret to people I'm not certain I yet want to know.

    I have no doubt it will go well for you, and I am wishing you a great and fulfilling time.



  4. Have a great time at your reunion no matter how you dress. I am sure some will be surprised and won't care. Others may have expected it and are glad you're happy and successful. Enjoy and keep having fun I admire your courage to step outside comfortable boundaries Sallee