Thursday, February 28, 2019

Her Best Foot Forward

In July, I underwent a procedure to remove varicose veins from my left leg.

I did so because the veins were occasionally painful and because my left ankle was constantly swollen and an ominous dark red in color (ulceration was a possibility). I also did not like the way my leg appeared when I femulated.

In a couple of weeks, I have an appointment for a follow-up examination to make sure my leg is all right. I believe my leg is good to go, but what do I know, so I will let the pros have at it.

Whereas I was a male patient at the vein center last summer, I plan to go to the follow-up appointment as a female patient and let the chips fall where they may.

I think wearing a short skirt and high heels will be appropriate, don't you?

Source: Ann Taylor
Wearing Ann Taylor (Source: Ann Taylor)

Aris Makris
Aris Makris femulates Nancy Sinatra on Greek television's Your Face Sounds Familiar.


  1. Stana, you should wear whatever you feel most comfortable with, in this case, I think it would be perfect to show off your legs (fully healthy) in a skirt and heels.

  2. Stana you got some great lookin' gams. Show 'em whenever and wherever you can.
    One of Freud's postulates was that men in particular picked a CAREER PATH which also held a subconscious, symbolic, sexual value. Perhaps your vein guy is ALSO a LEG MAN! Of course, podiatrists, (and shoe salespersons) are perhaps into feet. The list goes on..... Velma

  3. Go for it. Good luck.
    I know you have mentioned your issues with veins and I have no reason to question what you have written BUT in all of your photos your legs look outstanding. Quality hose? Great gams?
    Take care of yourself.

    1. I usually tried to use photos in which my good/right leg was out in front and my left leg was in the background. I also used leg makeup to cover the worst of my left leg.

  4. Would you be better off wearing a longer skirt and hold ups rather than short skirt and panty hose
    If the Physician needs to look closely at your leg it would be easier to pull one stocking down and put it back afterwards

    1. I usually wear thigh highs. They will probably use an ultrasound to examine my leg and if that's the case, the thigh high will have to come off.

  5. Go for it! If you feel comfortable after this visit, maybe you can go to your regular doc this way soon.....

    Good luck!!!!


  6. First of all, does your doctor have a clue? When I had to take meds to shrink my prostate, as (good) luck would have it, I started to develop breasts -- all those meds have estrogen as the primary ingredient. My doc started to be apologetic, but I cut him off and said, "Bring it on, what better side effect for a crossdresser"? He turned a bright shade of red. But I never went to see him wearing my bra.

    You're going in for your follow-up to show him the other reason you had the procedure. Preen a little and suggest something like, "Look at the great job you did". Starting off a potentially awkward situation with a compliment has always worked for me, and my career was 30+ years of working with lots of customers.

    What I wouldn't give to femulate as beautifully as you, Shana. When I see you, I see a lovely woman who's going to turn heads and pretty soon surprising your doc. Just show him in no uncertain terms how pleased you are showing off your pretty legs -- thanks, in no small terms, to his great work. I suspect he'll be pleased, too!

    Just a silly thought, you could add (with tongue-in-cheek), "No more long skirts for me"! But then the ref might throw a flag for "piling on". Ha!

    1. I would imagine he has a clue.,. the legs are shaved. Some men do shave, but not most.

  7. Well I think a skirt is VERY appropriate. It will certainly make examining your leg much easier. Tell the Doc you wore it for their sake!

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  9. Go for it Stana, I am sure your doctor will not mind you turning up as an attractive lady.