Friday, February 8, 2019

Noted on Tuesday

Here are some follow-up notes regarding my day out at the mall on Tuesday.

Fashion Success Dept.

I was very pleased with my makeup Tuesday. I am finally getting the hang of liquid eyeliner using Avon's True Color SuperExtend liquid pen.

Fashion Failure Dept.

Awhile ago, I stocked up on Kiss stick-on nails that were leftover stock from an affiliated store on Amazon.

I had no problem with the nails until Tuesday morning when a couple of nails popped off shortly after I put them on. I opened a second box of nails to replace the popped nails and the replacements popped off, too. I think the glue on the nails dries out after awhile and lose their holding power. The third box of nails I tried were fine and held on all day long.

After I did my hair Tuesday, I noticed that my eyebrows looked gray, so I had to redo my eyebrows with a darker shade. For years, I used a blond shade of eyebrow pencil. That worked fine when I had blond hair, but now that I am a redhead, the blond eyebrow pencil does not cut it.

These Boots Are Made For Walking Dept.

When I checked my iPhone's Health app, I was surprised that I walked 1.9 miles on Tuesday. Most of that 1.9 miles was at the mall because I did not do much walking otherwise on Tuesday.

My new Christian Siriano Payless "Veronica" kitten-heel boots were very comfortable and served me well walking around the mall, as well as driving to and from the mall. They are one of the most comfortable footwear I own and I highly recommend them, but sadly they are no longer available. (I searched the Internet for other sources and all I could find were black pairs in size 8M on Amazon.)

Source: Intermix
Wearing Jonathan Simkhai dress and Tibi booties (Source: Intermix)

Nina Chareese
Nina Chareese, professional femulator

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