Tuesday, February 5, 2019

I Blend

You may recall that three weeks ago, I had a free dinner date courtesy of Prudential Financial. Stanley was invited and she attended dressed appropriately for a woman her age.

At the banquet hall, each attendee was assigned to a specific table and each table had a Prudential representative seated with the guests. The rep introduced himself and was available to field questions, if any. It was all very laid-back and there was no high pressure sales.

A week later, I received a call on my iPhone. I did not recognize the number, so I did not answer it. I received a second call from the same number a week later and another on Friday.

Over the weekend, I finally noticed that there were two voicemails left after the last two calls. I listened to the voicemails and they were from the Prudential rep seated at our table offering his financial services if I was interested.

He did mention in passing that either I was a no-show at the dinner or I ended up sitting at the wrong table!

There were three couples and two solos (me and a guy) seated at our table. Perhaps the rep thought I was with the wife or girlfriend of the solo guy even though we were not seated together. I also assume he was looking for a male Stanley at his table, not the lady Stanley, who was present.

I guess I blend in better than I thought.

Source: Intermix
Wearing Derek Lam 10 Crosby sweater, Rejina Pyo skirt, Tibi boots and Yuzefi bag (Source: Intermix)

John Crawford
John Crawford femulating in the 1961 British film The Impersonator.


  1. Perhaps you could spell your boy name differently so it could be taken either way.
    ORIGIN: British
    Stanlea as a boy's name is related to the Old English name Stanley. The meaning of Stanlea is "stony meadow".

    1. Stanly, without the "e", like my Dad. Like him, my own guy name ends with a "y" instead of the more conventional "ie" that is common where I live. My femme name also has the lone terminal "y" that my grandmother was so fond of.

  2. My guess is the sales rep was happy to have another attractive woman at his table! That movie looks interesting, all I can find on it is an IMBD listing.

    1. I could not find much more about that film either.

  3. Just curious, did you check in with anyone or did you just find your table on your own? It seems to me the rep should at least have introduced himself to everyone with at least a handshake.

    Since you blended in so well -- no surprise to your followers, by the way -- it would have been sweet to see his reaction upon meeting "Stanley". Congratulations again on your flawless femulation!

    1. In order to find my table assignment, I did have to check-in. I was surprised that the rep did not introduce himself to everyone.