Thursday, February 7, 2019

And Ann Taylor

And so I continue from where I left off yesterday entering the Ann Taylor store at the mall, which has been a fashion failure for me in the past. After Katy, the sales rep greeted me, I began perusing the racks looking for the dress that a manikin was modeling. I gave up and asked Katy for help and she said that all they had left was one sized Large.

I thought that it might work, so I took it to the dressing room which Katy had started for me and tried it on. It fit! And it was gorgeous. I stepped out of the dressing room to model it to Katy and she said that the dress went well with my white booties.

I decided to purchase it and since it was long sleeved, I decided to wear it out of the store instead of wearing the short sleeve dress I arrived in; after all it was mid-winter and I had miles to go before I sleep.

There was a 15% discount if you used your Ann Taylor credit card. I did not have an Ann Taylor credit card, but it I signed up for one, I would receive an additional 15% discount. And so I did and that's when I let cat out off the bag.

During the process of signing up for a store credit card, you give them your phone number and Social Security number so they can check your credit and inevitably, your identity is revealed. I assumed this was going to happen, but I did not care that Katy found out that the woman she was waiting on was named "Stan." I only mention this in case you are in the same situation and do care about revealing your identity; in that case, don't sign up for a card.

After Katy bagged my Simply Be dress, I asked her to take my photo in my new dress to feed my blog. She agreed to take my photo and asked me the name of the blog. I told her the name and that it was intended for girls like me. She got it, so here is a shout-out to Katy in case she decided to visit!

I walked the rest of the mall, did some window-shopping, but did not make another purchase. I was getting hungry, so I walked to my favorite restaurant in the mall, Brio Tuscan Grille. Unlike some other restaurants I frequent, I never had a bad or mediocre meal at Brio and my winning streak continued with the chicken marsala I ordered on Tuesday.

My waitress was as charming as can be and another waitress stopped by to say that she loved my "go-go boots." After finishing half my meal, I was full, so I asked the waitress to wrap the remainder, then I paid for my meal and exited the restaurant and the mall.

I arrived home mid-afternoon after thoroughly enjoying my day out.


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UPDATE: No Mail Workaround

My e-mail service is still down, but I now have a workaround.

Source: Pinterest
Love the coat! (Source: Pinterest)

The boys in the band go girly.
The boys in the band go girly.


  1. Is the band shot an exercise in Photoshop or did it actually happen? What's the name of the band?

    1. The band before and after photos are legit, but are so old (circa 2003) that I don't recall the name of the band, nor the exact source of the photos.

  2. 'A good day shopping 'enfemme' beats any day at work.