Monday, February 25, 2019

Another Book in Me

I made my living as a technical writer for over 50 years and I had a some success doing it. Two of my books were best sellers and a few years ago, I received one of the most prestigious awards in my field in honor of my writing career.

Writing this blog has been a success, too. It usually gets 5,000 hits per day and is approaching 15 million hits over its 12-year run.

The success of this blog inspired me to write a book on the subject, which I did four years ago. But unlike my technical books, the sales of my trans book were poor despite its good reviews. Sales were so poor that I swore I would never write a trans book again.

Sunday, I received the following e-mail from a woman I met at a workshop we both attended 10 years ago.
I just read your book, Fantasia Fair Diaries, and I want to congratulate you and say thanks for sharing your experiences at Fan Fair. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Your writing seemed as if you were just talking to me as you did when we met at the [workshop] several years ago in New York.
As I was reading, I kept thinking how wonderful it would be if you would write a book about your life. And then, near the end of Diaries, you mentioned you were contemplating doing so.  Have you done so by now? I want to purchase a copy ASAP if you have. Your story is fascinating and I have highest regards for your kindness and friendship.
Wow! Her e-mail made my day and since receiving it, I have been mulling over writing another book.

I am certain I have another book in me, but do I want to put in the effort of writing another book just to be disappointed again?

Source: Rue La La
Wearing Hemant and Nandita (Source: Rue La La)

Filippo Timi
Filippo Timi femulates in Italian television's Favola.


  1. Hi Stana, Sometimes books are written for yourself and not others. Do you feel like writing again? That's the question to answer...

  2. Hi Stana,
    How different! I can't seem to sell a single book that I write under my real name, but all the trans related stories I write under my Karen Singer alias sell quite well. Sometimes, I wish it were reversed!

  3. Favola looks like fun -- just imagine if I actually understood what they were saying, I'd love to see this concept come to the USA, under the direction of John Waters, of course!

  4. From the "My 2 Cents" Department -- you should never write a book/play FOR anyone else. A great actor once said, "Don't be an actor because you want to, be an actor because you HAVE to." (OK. paraphrased and unattributed, but it still makes good sense!) If you have a book in you that needs to come out - let it! And let the chips fall where they may. (Just be sure to vacuum the carpet after they fall)
    Go for it, Sweetie!

  5. Hi Stana,
    Would you be tempted at all to put some of your experiences in to a 'how to' book on femulating? Perhaps with a mixture of tips and tricks, and also mistakes to avoid?
    More importantly, I do hope your hand heals quickly.
    Best wishes for a speedy recovery,
    Penny in Edinburgh.

  6. About the book. It certainly depends on how much money you want to make from it. These days you have a lot of chance to "test the waters" by doing an eBook run first, and then putting some price that may help it back.
    Now, you are a helper and a good communicator, we all enjoy your blog (I personally use it as reference in different forums where I try to help other girls). So, this is art, and art is not about money but about you and your works.
    I say go for it and damn the torpedoes! Also, these days you have the good Social Media to help with the buzz and probably sister websites and other agreements that you may have to help push sales.
    Love, Marianne