Monday, February 4, 2019

First I look at the purse

I admit to being a shoe whore, but now I am becoming a bag hag, too.

Purses/pocketbooks/handbags were those things that clearly separated the boys from the girls. Slip on your high heels, grab your purse and you are out the door as a woman, not some boy pretending to be a man.

I had a small collection of bags. Most were inexpensive bags that I purchased at JCPenney, Payless, Fashion Bug, etc. The only designer bag I owned was a B. Makowsky satchel that I bought for $80 at a consignment shop (it cost $250 new).

Then my daughter Christmas-gifted me a Kate Spade bag. And when she moved to an apartment last month, she gave me two Coach bags and two Jessica Simpson bags that she never used and did not want to take along to her new digs.

Since then, I acquired two more Coach bags!

Not only have I become a bag hag, but I am also a bag snob, because when I go out now, I will only wear a designer bag!

I call that "progress." LOL

Source: Moda Operandi
Wearing Moda  Operandi (Source: Moda Operandi)

Source: Pinterest
Womanless pageant contestant before and after (Source: Pinterest)


  1. I absolutely agree with the bag hag (I am one, of course!). In my defense, it becomes part of understanding how to be put together and not just a "fancy backpack". It becomes part of who you are and how you want to be perceived.
    BTW in the first womanless picture the mom/wife could have been a young Stana easily!

    1. Yeah, for a moment I thought she was presenting herself as the "Femulator" of the day until I saw the caption 😁

    2. I did not notice it, but now that you mention it, there is a resemblance!

  2. Stana,
    YUP! That could be totally YOU in 'femulator' photo #1.
    Furthermore, judging from the 'bodacious bountiful bosom', ('they' coulda' been photoshopped..) on the femulator in photo two, one has to wonder if this venture was not his 'first rodeo'. Yeeee-haaaa! Velma