Tuesday, February 26, 2019


I had plans for Monday, but I spent a lot of the day in the ER.

I casually slid my left hand on a seldom-used handrail, caught the tip of a sliver of wood and ended up with three inches of oak embedded in the meat of my palm.

The pain was excruciating when the sliver entered my hand and I screamed like a little girl, but after entry, there was no pain nor blood until I tried to extract the wood myself. Just touching the wood shivered my timbers. That convinced me to go to the ER.

I could not drive, so I enlisted my sister to deliver me. She left work, picked me up and we arrived at the ER at 10:40 AM. Physician Assistants got to me about two hours later, shot a drug into my hand to numb it and removed the wood. Then they took X-rays to make sure they got everything out (they did).

They also gave me a tetanus shot and a prescription for an anti-biotic. I arrived back home about 2:30 PM.

That sure put a dent in my day.

Source: Beyond the Rack
Wearing Giulia Massari bag (Source: Beyond the Rack)

Miguel Bose
Miguel Bose (standing) femulates in the 1991 Spanish film High Heels.


  1. My hand hurts just looking at the picture, Stana! Sending you prayers for a quick recovery.

  2. Ms.Stana,My prayers for your healing darling. I just started back reading your blog after two years. Are still into womens fashion? Have you achieved total femininity in every aspect of your life? If I have offended you then I apologize in advance. Your my inspiration to become total feminine in every aspect of my life. To date I haven't achieved in other words live as a woman everyday that but everytime I read your blog or see your photos it motivates me to keep going/never quit. Thank you, Ms.Stacey Anne Smith.

  3. Oh, man! Sorry that happened to you.

  4. In the last two days, you featured two models wearing OVERSIZE glasses/lens. I just LOVE them, as a throwback to the 1980's style.
    They just gotta come back as clear lens. Thanks Velma

  5. Owie owie owie - that is almost too painful just to look at, and I can't imagine how it must have felt! More than enough to ruin your day (and almost mine too, just from viewing it). Please make a speedy recovery, and get that railing sanded down! - Diane

  6. Ouch! Had a similar thing happen as a teen when I slid down some 2x4 framing from the 2nd floor of a house under construction. The splinter - which was about the size of yours or longer, entered my left inner thigh through my jeans and then exited the same way further down and then broke off... Hurt like heck and then double that again when I yanked it out... In my case, I was stupid but what a freak accident in yours! I hope you will heal well. Hugs, Tanit

  7. Stana, you've got to stop stealing toothpicks like that.

    But seriously, OUCH. Glad your local ER was able to remove it. BTW, you forgot to tell us whether this was a Stana or a Stan event. If Stana, we're all wondering how one accessorizes oak.

    Sorry, can't resist joking once I know a troubling event is over -- I guess it's a variant of the gallows humor of old.

    Be sure to take the full prescription of antibiotics, even if it looks to be healing up nicely. (My late wife was a nurse and hammered such things into my psyche.)


  8. Hope you get well soon!

  9. Oh, honey, I am so sorry! That looks like a pain that will take a long time healing.

    Eat your Wheaties, take your vitamins, do all you can to keep that wound from infection. Prayers for you from this little corner of the world.

  10. Ouch! I had a huge splinter in my thumb when I was a kid. My mother pulled it out -- most of it, anyway. It hurt like hell. I used to be able to tell where the remnants were, but over the many years my body seems to have swallowed it up.

  11. Thanks for the "High Heels" link! The director, Pedro Almodovar has Drag Queens, TS and CD ladies in many of his films. My favorite is "All About My Mother", which features a young and so very beautiful Penelope Cruz and Antonia San Juan as a kick-ass TS woman.

  12. About twenty years ago, I was carrying a sheet of plywood which slipped and I ended up with a similar splinter, but mine went crossways, from below my index finger to below my pinky. Everything else was the same: horrible pain (even injecting the anesthetic hurt a LOT), removed splinter without cutting my hand and I still don't know how he did that, tetanus, ruined day, etc etc.

    The good news: I can't even tell where it was. I didn't need the painkillers they gave me.

    The funny bit: I couldn't drive either. My (now ex) wife was making pasta when I came in and said "I think I need to go to emergency". She agreed, but continued to putter around the kitchen while I was trying hard to not scream, until I had to say "now? Or should I call an ambulance?" and she STILL puttered around.

    Did I say ex? :)

    Also, I did get to ask the hand doctor if I'd ever play the piano again. I always wanted to do that.

  13. I already saw your update on being well. I hope all heals fast (veins and hand)