Friday, February 22, 2019


When I went to look up the dates for the local trans-related conferences, I realized that the "T-Events Calendar" link on this page was for 2018 and needed an update.

After donning my French maid's uniform (Ooh la la!), I proceeded to do some blog housekeeping. As a result, I updated the T-Events Calendar link and deleted about a dozen dead links.

Now the links in the right hand column are up-to-date.

Source: Rue La La
I'd wear this! (Source: Rue La La)

SivaKarthikeyan femulating in the 2016 Indian film Remo.


  1. Watched the trailer for REMO. I don't understand Hindi (or whatever they were speaking) but this sure looks like a TOOTSIE rip off. But I will say, Siva Karthikeyan sure looks good.

  2. Bollywood makes more films than Hollywood! But my limited viewing experience makes me think about 60% (mostly the musical parts) is the same in all of them. They diversify by having different costumes and actors, and often "borrow" ideas from other non-Bollywood films. Still, if you like ultra-enthusiastic musicals awash in bright colors they're lots of fun. I'm with Julie in thinking Siva is looking good!