Monday, March 2, 2015

On the Tube

Facebook friend Bryan McCloskey alerted me to a YouTube clip of Bryan and his spouse Debbie appearing on The Ricki Lake Show where they discussed their unconventional marriage. (You may recall that I wrote about Bryan here three years ago.)

Cheryl alerted me to an excellent femulation on YouTube: three singers, Aleksey Matias, Artem Mekh and Vadim Oleynik performing on a Ukraine television show, Yak Dvì Kraplì. The trio performed a parody of the song Diamonds while dressed to kill in evening gowns, high heels, elaborate makeup and big hair. They looked very convincing; see them for yourself here. By the way, the MC of the show appeared in less-convincing drag at the beginning of the YouTube clip.

Source: MyHabit

Wearing Melissa Masse.

Actors Ben Huber, Nick Mills and Matt McGrath on stage in The Legend of Georgia McBride, 2014.


  1. Nice to see something positive from Ukraine!

  2. My thoughts exactly!