Sunday, March 15, 2015

Pining for Real World Pins

Real-World-GurlsAt least once a day, I check Pinterest to see what's new on the boards I am following. Most of the boards that I follow are transgender-related; the others are fashion-related.

Some of the images on the transgender boards are too good to be true, that is, they purport to represent femulators, but the femulations are so perfect that it makes me wonder. Tiny waists and/or huge cleavage usually alerts my not-trans radar.

My favorite transgender boards are those that show femulators out and about in the real world amongst civilians. Diane Demoiselle's Real World Gurls board is my favorite in this category. Although most of the images on Diane's board show femulators posing at home or in a hotel room, there are images peppered throughout her board like the one accompanying this post showing transwomen really out of the shadow of the closet and being female in our society.

If you are Pinteresting, are you aware of any other boards that concentrate on femulators who are out and about?

And while we’re at it, what are your favorite transgender-related boards?

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Source: Light in the Box

Wearing Light in the Box.






Actor Lou Diamond Phillips in 2003 film Hollywood Homocide (see her in motion here).
(Thank you, Cheryl)


  1. Unfortunately Stana, anymore I think more and more of the Pinterest "Femulator" posts are bogus, so "no pun intended" I take them at face value. Anymore, my Pinterest site has been heading more and more into my fashion likes-makeup, hair ect.
    Having said that, I wonder if others have done like I have and mistakenly posted a generic fashion pick to one of a trans board and just haven't had the time to go back and fix it. By that time it picks up a life of it's own.
    Good question, but I really don't have any recommendations myself. I take Pinterest for what I originally took it for...amusement and a way to see other collectibles I am interested in too.


    1. Hi Cyrsti,

      I plead "guilty!" There are a few photos of Femulators that I have posted here in the past that turned out not to be Femulators, but got lives of their own and have shown up on Pinterest and other websites purporting to be genuine. So I learned to take everything on the trans Internet sites with a grain of salt.

      Have a good week!