Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Means It’s Femulating Time!

sick_in_bed How appropriate that Murphy's Law struck on St. Patrick's Day!

That's the day I noticed my allergies were worse than usual. Those "allergies" evolved into the worst head cold I've had in some time and as the week progressed, I felt worse and worse.

Thursday morning, I concluded that I would be in no condition to make my presentation at the True Color Conference today, so I contacted the folks running the Conference to let them know that I would be a no-show.

The same thing happened five years ago. The day before the Conference, I was downed with stomach virus and had to cancel.

C'est la vie

Aunty Marlena informed me about another film from France that deals with our kind.

Une Nouvelle Amie (The New Girlfriend) is according to Rotten Tomatoes, about a young woman named Claire, "whose closest friend since childhood, Lea, passes away leaving behind a husband, David and a newborn baby. One day she drops by David's house unexpectedly, and finds him dressed in his dead wife's clothes and feeding their baby with a bottle. He explains that Lea was well aware of his predilection, and eventually, so relieved that he has someone to share his secret with, David and Claire create a female persona for him named Virginia. As David begins to identify more strongly as Virginia, this leads to confusing and conflicting feelings in Claire, and causes a rift between Claire and her husband."

The reviews on Rotten Tomatoes were mixed. Nevertheless, I captured an image from the film and it appears in the Femulator slot below.

While I was nursing my cold, a blog comment about womanless events called to mind a memory that I had long forgotten.

In my pre-teen years, my father went Christmas shopping on "Men's Night," which was a night set aside by the stores downtown for the guys to go shopping for their gals. In order to make the guys feel more comfortable shopping for gal stuff, the stores were all staffed by guys. Any saleswomen who normally staffed those stores stayed home that night and guys (I assume the store managers)  took the saleswomen's place.

I remember my mother mentioning to me that in at least one of the stores, the salesmen dressed as women on Men's Night.

I was fascinated and asked my mother for details. She didn't have many because my father had relayed that information to her and he left out the details, only that the guys wore dresses and makeup.

So there's another womanless event to add to the growing list of womanless events!





Source: MyHabit

Wearing Dareen Hakim.






Actor Romain Duris in the 2014 French film Une Nouvells Amie (The New Girlfriend).

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