Saturday, March 21, 2015

Charlotte’s Favorite Photo (of Charlotte!)

Charlotte_www Here is my all-time best/favorite picture of my Femulate side as Charlotte.

I was born in 1944 so this picture from 1970 was a much younger version of myself. I made the hot pants. This was a few years before I met my wife of 40 years, who was introduced to Charlotte on our third date. She has been a true soul mate and fully supported my female side, but Charlotte has always been secondary in out life. We both admit to being bi-sexual.

I have to wonder how different my life would have been if Charlotte found a strong, mature, dominant male master, when she looked like that. I know I felt I could have become Charlotte full-time and become the submissive slave to such a master. Oh how different that life would have been! No complaints at all, however, to how this life has worked out.





Source: MyHabit

Wearing ABS by Allen Schwartz.






Actor Matt Palazzolo in the 2010 film You Should See My Son.

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