Tuesday, March 10, 2015

64 and counting


Thank you all for your birthday wishes.

When I listened to The Beatles' LP Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band in 1967 and heard the tune "When I'm Sixty-Four," I thought that it would certainly take "many years from now" before I reached that age.

But voila!, 48 years went by a lot faster than I anticipated and I found myself blowing out 64 candles on my birthday cake. (In truth, due to the danger of fire, my family decided to play it safe and presented me with only a dozen candles to deal with.)

The perception of being six decades old evolved during those 48 years.

Back in 1967, my grandparents were all spending their sixth seventh decade on the planet Earth. My grandmothers dressed like most of the other women their age, that is, they dressed like old ladies ― fashion-wise, they made no attempt to compete with the younger generations.

Their fashion sense reminded me of a line from the Saturday Night Live advertisement parody for Mom Jeans, "Get her something that says, 'I'm not a woman anymore, I'm a Mom!'"

Things changed and by the time my mother reached her sixth seventh decade in the late 1970s, 60-year-old women were dressing more stylish than their mothers had in their sixth seventh decade... stylish enough that this girl was still borrowing stuff from Mom's wardrobe when her Social Security checks began showing up.

Things kept changing and today, 60 is the new 40. People are living healthier and thus longer lives. Reaching your sixth seventh decade in the 2010s does not have the same connotations as it did in the 1960s.

Again, I recall that  American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) commercial about a woman of a certain age who knows her way around miniskirts and can run in high heels.

Admittedly, not everyone my age fits that description... not even me. I seldom run even in flats, but I typically walk wearing heels, my hemlines seldom gets acquainted with my knees and I plan to dress my "age" (40, not 60) as long possible!

I go, girl!





Source: Matches Fashion

Wearing Max Mara.






Actor Peter Capaldi in British television’s Prime Suspect 3.


  1. Yeah, you go, girl! And happy birthday Stana!

  2. Happy birthday. Looking really fine. You age well.

  3. Sto Lot Starsza Siostra

    Hugs Paula

  4. Happy 44th Birthday.... for the 20th time. :-}

  5. Happy Birthday Stana I love your Blog

  6. All the best Stana, you just pipped me to the post!
    You look not a day over 40 girl!
    Oh, sorry you are only 40!

  7. Happy Birthday. We are all so happy to have you !
    You always look so good !
    You are getting better and better.

  8. You look nothing close to your age Stana - Happy Birthday!

  9. Stana, just tell everyone your 21 but have 43 years experience at it. Happy Birthday!

  10. 40? no! no!
    39 and a 1/4(of a century)

  11. 40 sounds good.... we are in cyberspace, hexadecimal is perfectly valid....

  12. You are so lovely! Just adore you and your blog! Happy birthday and God grant you many years!

  13. I hope I look that good at 64, happy birthday

  14. Slightly belated happy birthday wishes- you look gorgeous!

  15. Wishing you a belated Happy Birtbday and generations of happiness to come��