Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The Competition


When I attended support group meetings, I always checked out the competition. Who passed? Who failed? Who dressed the best? Who dressed the worst? And most importantly, how did I compare?

And many times, I caught some of the other girls checking me out; they were just doing the same thing I was doing.

Since we were all “men” in dresses to one degree or another, I assumed that checking out the competition was just male competitiveness rearing its testosterone-infused head amongst the ladies.

When I stopped attending support group meetings and got out in the real world, I still checked out the competition, but now the competition were females of the born-female variety. Of course, they all passed (LOL), but who dressed the best? Who dressed the worst?  And how did I compare , which was even more important outside the support group arena because now the competition had the advantage of being out in the real world as females 24/7 for all their lives.

And just like the support group arena, I caught the real world girls checking me out, but more so than the fellows in frocks.

Stop the presses! I was wrong in assuming that checking out the competition was a only guy thing.

Gals do it, too, and they do it all the time. Whenever they encounter another gal, they check her out because every other gal has the potential to compete with them when it comes to catching and/or keeping a man or woman. 

By the way, when I pretend to be a guy, I never check out other guys because as a gal, I am not competing with them and since I am spoken for, I have no interest in them. Rather, I check out the gals to see how they look and if I like their look, I consider how I would look in their look. And if I believe I would look good, I think about how I can put that look together for myself.





Source: HauteLook

Wearing Catherine Malandrino.





Actor Colin Baker.


  1. Women tend to notice what each others wearing more than men do. You don't see guys complimenting each other on a nice shirt or pair of shoes very much. Women will compliment each other on what they are wearing, on hairstyles, make-up.
    I find myself noticing what other women are wearing and then trying to figure out if I the same would look good on me.
    Of course women can also be really critical if they think that what someone is wearing doesn't suit them.

  2. I do the same thing. I check women out to see how their style compares to mine. If I like something they are wearing, I will try to incorporate it one of my outfits. In thinking about it, you are correct, I never check out guys, but I always check out women, in a comparing way. Whether in male, Femboy or women mode, I am always looking at the "competition".

  3. I always check myself against genetic women, whether it is me or my alter-ego, particularly those about my age and size, just because my goal is to be one of them. Comparing myself to a woman my daughter’s age doesn’t make any sense to me; in the early days I did compare myself against other femulators. I had never given any thought to checking guys though; I couldn’t be any less interested in them. The best fashion coach in the world, for me, is my wife, who will give me the “where do you think you are going dressed like that” regardless of how I am presenting myself.

  4. My take on all this is that I think men see the overall impression without being aware of any of the detail. (as intended) Ask a guy who's just looked at a well dressed woman what she was wearing and I think that in most cases you'd get a blank look. I think the vast majority would be hard pressed to answer beyond generalities..
    Women, however, understand how outfits are put together and I see them doing a quick top-to-toe 'scan' on other women as they spot all the elements that combine to make up the 'look' that works..
    Me? I've graduated to the latter.