Wednesday, March 25, 2015

My Son Helen

Jannik-Schümann_Mein_Sohn_Helen_My_Son_Helen_tv_Germany_2015-13 An e-mail from Patty alerted me to yet another trans-related film; this time a new television movie from Germany titled Mein Sohn Helen (My Son Helen). It is the story of a young man played by Jannik Schümann, who spends a year in San Francisco with his aunt where he  fulfills his feelings that he is really female. When he returns home to Germany, his father picks him up at the airport and discovers that his son is now his daughter named Helen and lots of stuff happens.

Schümann's femulation looks convincing from the photos I have found online. Sadly, I doubt that this film will make it stateside for us American girls to see.  

By the way, the title of this television movie reminds me of the title of a popular trans book from the early 21st Century, My Husband Betty, which happened to be written by my blogging friend Helen Boyd.





Source: Bluefly

Wearing Wyatt.





Actor Jannik Schümann in the 2015 German tv movie Mein Sohn Helen (My Son Helen).


  1. Wow, you've put on glasses, Stana!

    1. I wear glasses for long distance and wanted something more feminine than the unisex eyeglasses I normally wear. So I used my eyeglass prescription and bought an inexpensive ($47) girly pair from yesterday.

  2. Dear Stana,

    You look lovely in your new glasses. I always wear glasses. Glasses actually enhance the eyes from other's perspective. I've found that my eyes look very feminine with only eyeliner and mascara and my glasses. I've stopped using eye shadow, so my eye makeup routine is less complicated and time-consuming, and, at least for me, my eyes look just as pretty and feminine with the glasses even though I don't use eye shadow.

    ... and so it goes ...



  3. Hi Stana!
    The film will run on German TV on the Sun. 26th. of April. it will be a bit hectic around that time, I have an big Audit on the next day, hope I don't forget to recorded it! I'll give you some feedback if it works out.
    Love the glasses, really business like! you should try them out at work and see what they say, of course appropriately dressed ... ;-)

  4. Hi Stana, Hi all,


    It's available full length.
    Maren from Germany

    1. you beat me to the post Maren, I was going to post the link!
      no matter
      Abigale from Germany

    2. Hello! can you reupload the video in different site? the youtube link is deleted, PLEASE! I really want to watch it with English subtitle,PLEASE!

  5. AnonymousMay 02, 2015

    now with english subtitles:

    1. Hello! can you reupload it?PLEASE to a different site,I really want to watch it with English sub.PLEASE!

    2. Hi Witchjo, I dont think Stana will mind me answering you here. None of us have the film and therefore we cant upload it. There is still the original full length German version on YouTube just enter the German title and you will find it. Maybe the subtitled version is also out there but I couldnt find it sorry.

    3. Hello Abigale, Thank you for replying! Too bad I can't find it in Youtube with English sub.. Thank you,really appreciate it!