Thursday, March 26, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Cross His Heart, Too


Today's Throwback Thursday goes back nearly 20 years when I started doing trans art and posting my creations on my old blog nFem (anybody remember nFem?).

I originally created this Playtex ad parody in black and white because (1) the copy of the original ad that I had to work with was in black and white and (2) even if I had a full-color version of the ad, my Photoshop skills back then were not good enough to create a reasonable facsimile of a real ad.

Recently, I found the full-color version of the ad and now that my Photoshop skills have improved, I decided to reboot the Playtex ad parody that I created before the turn of the century. I hope you enjoy it.

By the way, the original ad was not a Playtex ad; rather it was an ad for Sears bras and girdles (Sears had everything).





Source: Ann Taylor

Wearing Ann Taylor.






Womanless beauty pageant winner, circa 1960.


  1. In my view this was an outstanding creation. Good job both way back when and now again in the modern era.

  2. Nice job!!

    An interesting thing too is that the old bra and undies ads never had the model looking at the camera, or even up for that matter. The head had to be tipped down in modesty. Now it seems that everyone is comfortable with the model looking directly at the camera and proudly saying, "wear this!!" (Or in the language of your blog, "Femulate This.")

    To my eye, you've not only done a wonderful parody but also captured two eras in one image.