Monday, March 23, 2015

Birdman and Femulating Her


Saturday evening, I watched the film Birdman: Or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance), which won the Academy Award for best picture of 2014. The film has nothing to do with transgenders. There is not one reference to trans-anything in the film, but I highly recommend it to you all.

Birdman is about life. I found it very moving and thought-provoking. It is the best film I’ve seen in a very long time and I plan to watch it again as soon as possible.

Femulate Her

In case you missed it, last week Sally asked in a comment, “Stana, I have a question about your ‘Femulate Her’ section. How many of the girls in this section have actually been boys femulating? Any of them?”

My reply was “As far as I know, none of the girls in the Femulate Her section were femulating boys.”

I added, “The purpose of the Femulate Her section is to provide examples of cisgender women that boys can try to emulate/femulate.”

I am repeating this exchange here because not everybody reads the Comments especially since they may appear days or weeks after the original post. Also because if Sally asked, then there may be other readers who wondered the same thing.

I am adding now Femulate Her is intended to serve as an inspiration for emulators like you and me. We will probably never come close to matching the images posted in the Femulate Her section, but we can try.

Source: Anthropologie

Wearing Anthropologie.

Mickey Prescott.


  1. I love the comments. Great place to hear others stories and how they relate to the article. Such a wonderful exchange. The cisgender women are like Nordstrom adds, beautiful but for the most part untouchable. But fashion is our passion, and those are always inspiring.
    Lovely ladies!

    1. Yes - those ladies are untouchable, but inspiring.

  2. I love Femulate Her. It's always with fun suspense that I scroll down to see what you've found!! Keep it below the fold, so to speak.

  3. Sally StoneMarch 23, 2015

    Stana, to further explain the motivation for my original question, I have seen numerous femulators who have actually inspired me to try and look the way they do. Don't get me wrong, I still find most of my inspiration from cis-gendered women, but there are quite a few femulators out there I have learned a thing or two from. If I may be so bold, that includes you! Thanks so much giving us this wonderful blog.

    1. I wondered why you asked, so I'm glad you cleared that up for me. And hank you for the nice compliment, Sally.