Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Weather or Not

snow This winter has been unusually cold and snowy in my neck of the woods. The radio weather man mentioned that the average temperature for March so far is 4 degrees below normal. Meanwhile, my yard is still completely covered with snow ranging from 1 to 5 feet in depth.

The National Weather Service forecast for Friday, the first day of spring is "A chance of rain and snow. Partly sunny, with a high near 42. Chance of precipitation is 30%."

I am so accustomed to the lousy weather this winter that I am resigned to Friday's forecast. I would just sigh and shrug my shoulders except that on Friday I will be attending the True Colors Conference on the UCONN campus.

Despite my all-wheel-drive Subaru, I don't like driving in the snow and avoid it if at all possible. The 47-mile drive to Storrs is about an hour long. Most of it is via Interstate 84 except for the last 7 miles, which is up and down hill and dale on a two-lane state road. I am not looking forward to that drive if the snowy side of the forecast pans out.

Last year, "The forecast was for a pleasant day… sunny and temperatures around 50 degrees. I figured my new trench coat would be adequate, however, when we arrived at UCONN, it was more like Yukon. The wind was blowing hard and I can’t recall ever feeling so cold walking the quarter-mile from the parking lot to the Student Union. My guess is that the wind chill was well below freezing."

This year, I am taking no chances and will wear either my short fake fur jacket or long fake fur coat.

And maybe the forecast will be wrong as it was last year, but in a positive way. I hope so.





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Wearing Brahmin.






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  1. I remember one year walking to me workshop in a mini-blizzard of snow and sleet. I figured because of the weather that since my workshop was the last session on Friday no one would be there, I was surprised to see the room filled to capacity.

  2. Dear Stana,
    Concerning your reluctance to drive in bad winter weather, have you considered getting a second set of tyres for the winter. The experts over here say that on snow and ice a set of winter tyres on a 2 wheeled drive car are probably safer than a 4 wheeled drive car on ordinary tyres. So winter tyres on a 4 wheeled drive car is the safest option. I also drive a Subaru (2.5l turbo Forester), but our winters are generally so mild the winter tyre option isn’t necessary. I would have 2 sets if I lived in Scotland!!

    1. Good idea, but no. I can avoid driving in bad weather 99% of the time, so the expense of buying the tires is not worth it.

  3. (insert evil giggle) Wow, yesterday was in the 80s here, we had to turn on the house A/C for a few minutes and the flowers in the yard are lovely.