Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Fly Me – I’m Tootsie

Man loses job. Frustrated trying to find another job, he disguises himself as a woman and lands a job. In this case, the job lost and found is that of an airline pilot. (I would have preferred airline steward-to-stewardess, but that's just my fantasy!)

This is the plot of a 2012 Swedish film titled Cockpit, which flew under my radar until I came across the trailer for the film on YouTube. Actor Jonas Karlsson’s femulation is presentable, at least in the trailer and handful of still images I’ve seen.






Source: Ann Taylor

Wearing Ann Taylor.






Actor Jonas Karlsson in the 2012 Swedish film, Cockpit.


  1. Hi Stana, I have seen the movie (twice) and as you know Im Swedish. The movie is fun, a swedish Tootsie and Jonas Karlsson is one of our best Swedish actors. He make a good femulating role....even if I wish he was a stewardess instead :-)

    1. I hope to see the film someday (while wearing my stewardess Halloween costume)!!!

  2. Back before I transition a cousin who is a stewardess was showing pictures of her baby shower that her co-workers gave and there was a steward at the shower dressed as a stewardess. She told us the steward liked to crossdress... I was so jealous!
    But I also knew that when transitioned the I would have no problem with her and her husband.

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    2. That was a good sign. I assume it worked out for you.