Friday, January 30, 2015

Womyn's Wear

Soon You and Your Girlfriend Can Buy Posh, Matching Outfits

With skirts and makeup and shameless objectification cropping up on men’s runways this season, it’s no surprise that Selfridges is doing away with antiquated “men’s” and “women’s” sections. According to WWD, the U.K. department store will go “Agender” for six weeks this spring, taking “customers on a journey where they can choose to shop and dress without limitations or stereotypes.” 

Selfridges creative director Linda Hewson told WWD that she doesn’t see gender-bending as a trend that will come and go like peplums and trapeze dresses (good riddance). Rather, Selfridges is “tapping into a mind-set and acknowledging and responding to a cultural shift that is happening now...

(Source: NYMAG.COM. Read more about it in the Daily Mail.)

I told you so last year, but I did not believe it would happen so soon!

Source: DailyLook

Wearing DailyLook.

Jorge as Beyonce on Romania television's Te Cunosc de Undeva! (Your Face Sounds Familiar!)


  1. In spite of your picture, I don't think it's gonna happen. In the past, unisex has always been "women wearing men's stuff." I AM old enough to remember when unisex hair stylists began but they fit a marketing need: a place where guys could get their long hair cut without (a) it being butchered and (b) being a "beauty salon." There was a distinction between "Liverpool" and "girly:" one good, one bad.

  2. This could be good, could be a stunt. Be wary of the Daily Hate, I mean, Daily Heil. No, sorry, I'll try again, Daily Fai- I really am bad at this, one last try: Daily MaiHurrah for the Blackshirts. Damn'. That was a genuine headline of theirs.

    Anyway, yes, if this actually a thing that happens I will be very pleased. And I, for one, will probably engineer a trip to Selfridge's just to see how this works in practice.

    1. Joanna

      Lol. I'm glad to see someone else dislikes this horrible newspaper (which has run a number of anti trans stories, including "outing" people against their wishes) as much as me. Wonderful.

      Just to say, though, I'm pleased to see that Selfridge's have done this. I wonder whether Debenham's (who I always confuse with Selfridge's) have a similar store policy. I visited one of their outlets (en femme) only last week and as I walked past the make-up counter the manager approached me to ask if I'd like a "pamper". She then spent around 30 minutes giving me a superb makeover, chatting all the time and treating me as I suspect any woman would be treated. A lovely experience. Perhaps the wind of change in attitudes to trans people is blowing.


  3. I'm with Meg on this one. IMHO, the men's version of dresses and skirts that come done the fashion runways always look bag like; because, no man wants to look feminine ( ;) ) So they make men's dresses that are big and shapeless. I'm different because I want the classic dress look, the hose/tights, the makeup, the pumps and flats, and Stana I suspect that you and Meg both feel the same, even if our paths diverge. Anyway, this is just my $0.02


  4. I think it is high time that there should be feminine clothing for men that should not be regarded as freak show outfits.