Tuesday, January 20, 2015


poodle-envy-1I was a late bloomer when it came to dogs.

My mother had a dog when she was single, but she would not let her daughters have dogs, so I never experienced the joys of a dog's companionship as a child. However, I made up for it as an adult, first with my daughters' dearly departed dog and now with my own dog.

It is interesting how the dogs get/got along with me en femme.

My daughter's dog was my best buddy and acted the same with me no matter how I was dressed. I figure that he did not notice the difference or did not care.

My own dog notices the difference.

Whereas she is my best friend when I am in boy mode, she will have nothing to do with me in girl mode.

Most of the time, she is my shadow and follows me wherever I go. For example, she lays on the bed watching me when I get dressed in the morning or when I change clothes after work. If I dress in boy mode, she sticks around and waits for me to finish, however, if I dress in girl mode, she gets out of Dodge as soon as she senses that I am dressing pretty.

She is very intelligent and I figure that when she realizes I am dressing in girl mode, she knows I am going out without her, so she looks for someone else for companionship.

On the other hand, our cats do not give a damn!





Source: Hautelook

Wearing French Connection.





Early 20th Century professional femulator Fritz Maxfeld.


  1. I have friend who could never work out why I was the only man that her cat would go near, now she understand!

  2. Interesting. It could be the going out connection. We have three dogs and they don't seem to notice how I'm dressed. But they do link certain sounds to going for a walk! And when I get up in the morning or come home on the afternoon, it's time for food!

    1. I really think it is the going out without her connection, Joni.

  3. Dear Stana,

    Interesting! I wonder if your dog doesn't like the sound of your high heels on hard floors. I'm just guessing that because of your love of high heels that you wear them virtually every time you dress at home. If your house has a lot of uncarpeted hard flooring, maybe doggie is afraid of the heel click-clack-ing.

    I love households that have cats and dogs. I'm an animal lover, and I think I'm an equal "cat person" and "dog person". My favorite creature on earth is the Siberian Tiger.



    1. Our house is carpeted wall-to-wall except in the kitchen, Sheila. I love my canine and felines, too!

  4. Stana, my dog would act a little differently around me when dressed. Instead of the energetic bundle she normally was, she became more restrained. And the cats were the same way as yours. But you know the saying. Dogs have masters and mistresses, cats have staff. As long as cats have a staff member to serve them, they don't sweat the small stuff.