Monday, January 5, 2015

The Organized Woman

What I Did On My Holiday Vacation — Part 1

I was on vacation the last two weeks and one thing I wanted to do during that time off was to get my girl organized.

There were two fronts that I had to address: my makeup box and my closet.

Years ago, I bought the largest fishing tackle box I could find to store my makeup. Despite its size, every couple of years its contents grows and it becomes difficult to close the box, so a little house cleaning is in order.

The box reached that point recently, so I sat down with the box a few days before Christmas and had at it. Following advice like this from Good Housekeeping, I tossed any opened mascaras and liquid eye liners. 

That alone freed up a lot of space, but then I closely examined the various cosmetics that I purchased, used only once or never (glittery blue eyeshadow!) I was surprised how much there was in that category and I tossed most of it leaving even more space in my box for new makeup acquisitions.

I also tossed most of my makeup brushes and replaced them with a new set. This was a wash space-wise, but it was something that I had to do because the brush bristles were straggly and no longer very useful for precise makeup applications. 

Whereas, the male side of my closet clothes rack has not grown much recently, the female side has grown by leaps and bounds and now occupies more space than the male side. And all the clothes, male and female are packed so tightly that moving an item to or from the rack is difficult.

I went through most of the clothing on the rack and discarded about ten items, but that did not make much of a difference — things were still tight.

Years ago, my wife and I stocked up on “Super Hangars” (as in the photo above) at the dollar store and I used them for my male tops, but I never used them on the distaff side of my clothes rack.

Why not? I don’t know, but the time was right and I used them to hang all my female tops and bottoms, but not dresses because the dresses lowest on the Super Hangars would interfere with the shoe boxes stacked four high on the floor below the clothes on the rack.

The Super Hangars did the trick. It gave the clothing a little breathing room and it also organized my womenswear. (While re-racking, I also organized everything by color as any organized woman should!)

Source: MyHabit

Back to work drag.

Cristian Castro dressed up for Genitallica's Quiéreme music video (2014).


  1. While I was not off from work other than the two four day weekends I had hoped and planned to do a closet cleanout but it never came to pass. I know that there are a bunch of items that need to be recycled so I am somewhat jealous that you have made more headway then me.

  2. Christian Castro looks great in drag! Didn't knew about this video... #idtotallyhitit