Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Carolyn's Favorite Photo (of Carolyn!)

My favourite fotie is not one of my best but it conveys my essence, I think, fully. I almost deleted it from my phone I disliked it so; the quality is awful, even after tweaking. Then I began to look at it in detail.

I started to see this Trannie as others might see her. Dressed in a style no one adopts now, full on fifties. Fur wrap; gorgeous kid gloves and matching handbag; custom made tweed suit and not in the picture, lace up high heel shoes and fully fashioned stockings (worn inside out, to emphasise the seam) not mention the silk, hand made lace trimmed lingerie and Rago foundation wear.

The whole impression projected is CONFIDENCE. I've grown over a long time, to adapt the classic fashions of the best of of the Golden Age, firstly to suit my body, but mostly to please my longing for the fine things and style denied to we males. I abhor short styles and revealing outfits which suit very few women and even fewer crossdressers. I dress to impress myself I guess, more than onlookers, but I need to make an impression on them too, to make them think "Wow!" before they think "Man!"

I applaud you Stana, about to dress to go to the office; I couldn't do that (even if I wasn't retired). I don't think I would be able to sustain the effort on a daily basis. Not just the physical, time-consuming effort, but the mental exertion, too. I attract attention!

My favourite photo is flawed. I'm not smiling; lipstick a bit squint; quality grainy and lacking contrast, but it's ME, showing the journey (as Americans say) of how I got to be me.

I put it on my flickr page and it had more views than any other I have posted, so I'm not alone then.

To sum up. It's the real me, the best me, no one like me, and 70 years old me!

In response to my open invitation to send your favorite photo along with the story behind it and the reason it is your favorite photo, I received a lot of photos and stories that I am posting in the the order I received them. My invitation still stands, so don't be shy, send me your fave foto!

Source: MyHabit

Wearing Aster.

When I was a youngster, I enjoyed using our vacuum cleaner and never considered that it was something a male-bodied child should not do. My mother may have had different thoughts on the matter.


  1. Bravo Carolyn I do love the golden age as you call it. You do it justice with your presentation. I agreed with your WOW philosophy. I feel that I blend in quite well, wen interacting face to face people can see that I am a transgender women. So often though I get complements and how perfectly put together I am. It makes it all wroth while


  2. Dear Carolyn,

    Your photo is lovely. You pointed out a number of items about it that you consider not optimal. However, I, and as you alluded to, many others, think the photo is charming. You look wonderful, and we viewers can see your joy and confidence in presenting as an attractive, interesting, wonderfully dressed woman. Many of us are our own worst critics. I hope you will accept my opinion that your photo is quite beautiful.

    You and I share some common attributes … I am also 70, and I also especially love the very feminine dressing styles of the 1950's/1960's. The outerwear and intimate apparel of women in those decades was so beautiful and feminine. My intimate apparel is almost entirely in the styles of that era. My outerwear is more contemporary, but always as pretty and feminine as possible … and like the 50's/60's woman, I never wear slacks. It's always skirts, dresses, and skirt suits for me (and always worn over a vintage style slip and panties).



    PS to Stana: Yes, Stana, I am somewhat obsessed with slips. LOL!

  3. you were using an Electrolux, now if you had used a Hoover your mother may have had you dressed as in the picture?

    1. I revised the caption to be more compatible!

  4. Carolyn: what an inspiring photo and reflection from you. How powerful to live as yourself as you wish!

    We should all be so brave!

  5. Dear Carolyn

    You look classy, stylish and very, very attractive- no wonder you attract attention!