Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Him, Her and I

What I Did On My Holiday Vacation ― Part 3


I did a little blogging during my two weeks off.

Anybody notice that I renamed the “Femulate Her” spot to “Femulatee” so as to be more compatible with “Femulator”?

A lot of people did take notice of my New Year’s Eve post. That post was even the subject of a very flattering post on Cyrsti’s blog (“The Best New Years Post EVER?”).

For a long time, I considered posting him and her photos on the blog, but hesitated because I did not want to give away my secret identity! But that is laughable because over the years, I have left a lot of written clues on the blog that a few minutes with Google will allow anyone to discover that my real name is not Richard Stanton.

The written clues are a bigger giveaway than my photo anyway, but there is something about a photo that bares the soul more than a thousand words can.

Anyway, the thought of posting him and her photos stayed on the back burner until I received an e-mail before Christmas asking that I post him and her photos. I thought, “Why not!” but held off posting the photos until New Year’s Eve, which I thought would be an appropriate way to end one year and start another.

In response, the post garnered 24 comments and a slew of e-mails… all positive in one way or another. Some folks were amazed at the difference, which is why my trans acquaintances always fail to recognize me when they first encounter the boy mode me.

Some folks said it was a brave thing to do; maybe so, I dunno. I feel it is definitely a big step out of the closet for me… shedding my gender bonds, as Cyrsti put it so eloquently.

By the way, the him photo was taken in September 2014 and the her photo in August 2013, so they pretty much represent the current version of me!





Source: MyHabit





Actors Kenneth Williams and Charles Hawtrey in the 1960 British film Carry On Constable.

Charles Hawtrey was a repeated film femulator and her femulations are some of the best I have seen on the screen. She is so natural (see her in this video, for example) that I wonder if their was more to her femulations than just a paycheck. Probably not, but who knows?


  1. In all 'carry on' films someone would end up in drag, and it was rarely the least manly actor.
    Take for example Bernard Bresslaw who at 6'7" was hardly passable as a nurse in 'Carry on Matron'. Charles Hawtrey off screen was more interested in the bottle and openly gay.

    1. Yes - I have noticed a lot of drag in the Carry On series.

    2. Memories, memories.... It's surprising Kenneth Williams didn't femulate more often, but I suspect his very tortured relationship with his own sexuality would have had a lot to do with that. A brilliant comedian and a very complex man indeed.

  2. Stana,

    Good attention to detail changing to 'Femulatee'.

    I am glad that I followed the link to Richard Stanton. I did not know about the comic character. When I saw the surname Stanton I jumped to a false conclusion that you may have been making an allusion to Susan (nee Stephen) Stanton the long time City Manager of Largo Florida who lost her job after her plans to transition became public.; gives a good history of the issues that were encountered by this semi-public long time public servant.


    1. Hi pat,

      I was going to leave the Stanton mention linkless and then I thought I better link it to avoid confusion!

  3. Stana, Thanks so much for your mention! In your case the picture/pictures were worth much more than the "thousand words!"

  4. Stana -

    There may have been enough clues to figure out what your real name is, but I never pieced them together. You are good looking in both modes, and if I were Bi, I'd consider asking you out (if you weren't married). ;-)

    Being serious, you do look good, and I know how much work you put into it, from the one time we were able to chat at Fantasia Fair. Keep up the good work!


    1. Hi Marian,

      Some folks have bothered to figure it out! And thank you for the kind words.

  5. Yes, I noticed the change from Femulate Her to Femulatee. It was almost as shocking as when you swapped the location of the two pictures. I am an old lady and these sorts of changes take a toll on me.

    I appreciate the grammatical consistency of the new name. I ponder, however, whether the use of "Femulatee" sooner implies "Femulater" than "Femulator." The former seems more masculine and the latter more legal. These things can trouble a girl.

    Grammar aside, I love a pun. It is with a bit of wistfulness that I now miss the whimsical "Femulate Her" scrolling into view as I read down the page.

    Humor aside, I always heard "Femulate Her" as a cheerful call to action, as quietly defiant words of support, and as a whisper of complicit sisterhood. These things are good, I feel.


    Happy New Year and, as always, thanks so much for the blog.


    1. Hi Natalie,

      Your comment is making me reconsider the change!