Friday, January 16, 2015

Femulating in USA’s Queerest City

If you have been reading this blog for awhile, you know that every May I drive to Dayton, Ohio to attend Hamvention, the biggest ham radio convention in the world. And I do the whole trip en femme. My female presentation on these trips has never been an issue.

Turns out that The Advocate has just named Dayton as the queerest city in the USA  (among cities with populations of 100,000 or more).

Maybe that has something to do with my successful female presentation there ― maybe not.

When I attend Hamvention, I spend most of my time mingling with hams, rather than the local population. Those hams come from all over the world, not just the queerest city in the USA, yet I have never had a problem. So go figure!


Dayton 2009





Source: ShopBop

Wearing Carven (dress) and Aquazzura (shoes).





Artur Chamski femulates Małgorzata Walewska on Polish television’s
Twoja Twarz Brzmi Znajomo (Your Face Sounds Familiar).


  1. I honestly believe that you and those of us with your attitude about "presenting" not passing, will always do well. It's been my good fortune, that being a woman acting as a women and being accepted as a women has nothing to do with my being born a woman. And everything about my attitude towards living in that role.

    1. Whenever I do my "Crossdressing Successfully in the Real World" presentations, I always emphasize attitude.

  2. Stana

    I just love the last two femulators from Polish television. Gosh they were beautiful, definitely not civilians! lol.

    I have always been proud of my Polish heritage but now even more so. Gosh I wonder if there is a genetic connection for our gift!!!!

    Paula Gaikowski

    1. As they say in Warsawa, "Polacy są piękne!"

  3. I suspect that most people don't actually care how we dress, as long as we make an effort to present ourselves well. I am also quite sure that in any "special interest group" people are much more interested in whether you know your stuff than how you dress, as long as you can do your stuff (whether it's amateur radio, model trains,gardening or playing music), they will not care how you dress, within reason.

    1. "within reason" can cover a lot of ground... sometimes! LOL

  4. I just read that Fort Lauderdale is trying to be a target destination for trans people exclusively. Not that they are not already catering to the LGB's but since lately the focus (Bout time) is on the T people. I guess we are the Last Frontiers of minorities.

    You are so right about presenting well and being ladylike. People will zero in on that a lot faster than poor presentation or demeanor. I have even had wonderful experiences in drab in the ladies department. My sixth sense told me they accepted me as a female ( dressed indrab) but the lack of sexual tension lade it a girl to girl conversation. It does get better as your confidence builds. I am planning my first trip out enfemme in over 40 years, should be interesting.

    1. Dear Mabe,

      Yes, Ft. Lauderdale and the county it's in are actively pursuing Trans people's visits to the area. The Southern Comfort Conference (SCC), which happened in Atlanta for 24 years is moving to the Ft. Lauderdale area (Weston, FL) late this September. SCC is probably the largest and most well-known Transgender conference in the world. You can check it out at ...



    2. Mabe, now that you mention it, the sales people at the Dress Barn I shop at in boy mode and girl mode treats me as "one of the girls" even when I am in boy mode! (Not that there's anything wrong with that. LOL)