Thursday, February 27, 2014

Future Dressing

A modern male and female.*

What will life be like for us girls in 25 years? Here are my predictions for where we will be in the year 2039.

It will be completely acceptable for males to dress however they please. Just as it is acceptable for females to wear male clothing today, it will be acceptable for males to wear female clothing in 2039.

There will be different degrees of how males adopt womenswear. At one end of the spectrum are guys who may on occasion wear a macho skirt, a manly pair of heels and a little foundation, while at the other end of the spectrum will be the "femmen" (you know who you are), who will dress in womenswear all of the time. And nobody will hassle anyone for what they wear except maybe scolding those fellows wearing white frocks after Labor Day.

There will no longer be women's and men's restrooms; there will just be restrooms.

Clothing stores will no longer segregate their wares between women and men or girls and boys. Instead, the stores will have adult, young adult, and children's departments.

Sex reassignment surgery (SRS) will be very common in 20 years because folks will be able to get SRS on demand just like cosmetic surgery can be had on demand today. Folks with and without gender dysphoria will be able to change genders and the results will be more satisfactory because of advances in the surgical procedures.

All health insurance plans will cover gender-related procedures, either as basic coverage or as an option like some plans offer vision and dental coverage as an add-on expense today. For example, if you were contemplating SRS, you could opt for gender coverage and it would not be an expensive add-on because the procedure will be so common in 20 years.

By 2039, you will be able to live in whatever gender role you prefer. When someone asks a child, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" the anticipated answer will be "girl" or "boy" and not a career choice. Females can be as macho as they want to be and males can be as feminine as they want to be.

What a wonderful world it will be!

*   I replaced the original photo that appeared at the top of the post after Glori discovered and commented that the photo depicted two transwomen.





Brigham Morris Young femulating as “Madam Pattirini” circa 1900.





Source: Madeleine

Wearing Madeleine.


  1. According to this page -- -- they are both trans women who appeared in a porno.

    "Looking at these pretty cute girls, I thought it was vnachaledazhe most real lesbians! Although ... the one that is less, I still caused some doubts about what sex, but thin - not caused any suspicion. First, a thin girl started to undress her swarthy friend and after a few moments, we can see that the smaller girl - not a girl! I was hoping that at least a thin girl would be a girl, but here deep disappointment! Both girls between the legs dangle very real male genitalia with which these girls look very ridiculous."

    (Via Google Translate.)

  2. I do hope you are right, it may be too late for some of us older ladies, but it does sound like a much better world! Thinking about how different things are today compared to 25 or 50 years ago yo may just be on to something here. We will have to make a diary note to check back on this post in February 2039

  3. Dear Stana,

    Lovely predictions! Think John Lennon's IMAGINE!



  4. Don't think that will ever happen. For men to dress like women will always be regarded as "weakness" . whimpy. However, women who dress like men are "empowered, being all the can be, being free. men will never be "free" in dress sense.

  5. I certainly hope you are right... It will be fun to watch the progress as time goes on.

  6. Carolyn you have to be that free in your mind and separate yourself from the binary societies.
    No reason to live in their world. Do what you have to do and be who you need to be, and love one another!

  7. The world you foresee is definitely in our future. Some males will choose to be raised as girls. Their gender dysphoria will be accepted as normal for a majority of these boys. Tests and medical decisions will be made early enough to properly halt the emergence of male traits.

    The world will be much better for it.