Thursday, January 29, 2015

Weathering the Weather

The weather people predicted 39 inches of snow to fall in my neck of the woods between Monday and Tuesday evenings. Snow is bad enough, but what concerns me more is losing power during a snow storm (happened twice before).

I always get my panties in a bunch over losing power.

Losing power means no heat and no water in addition to no lights. No heat long enough means frozen and broken water pipes. To avoid frozen pipes means me sleeping on the couch next to the wood stove feeding it firewood all night long to keep the house above freezing.

Instead of 39 inches of snow, we got 8 inches and no loss of power. Yay! I can unbunch my panties.

Speaking of weather people, one of the local television stations hired a new weather woman named Kyla Grogan. She is a local, but staffed The Weather Channel in Atlanta for awhile before returning home.

She is tall, gorgeous and dresses like me — usually wrap dresses and always short dresses that reveal a lot of leg! She has become a daily “Femulate Her” inspiration.

Kyla Grogan, weather woman.

Three femulating gents, circa 1930. 


  1. Love your new picture beside the title. Beautiful hair. Better than your usual short hairstyle.

  2. Dear Stana,

    I'm glad your home kept it's power and that the snow was much lighter than it could have been.

    But, what's wrong with ... (drum roll, please) ... A BUNCH OF PANTIES. LOL!



  3. Sounds exactly like my night! And only ending up with eight inches. There is so much to be said for the expression women dress for themselves and other women! :)

  4. Keep warm and wrapped up anyway!