Thursday, January 22, 2015

My Favorite Things

my_fave_things Smoothing the back of my skirt as I sit down.

Pencil skirts.

Crossing my legs and dangling a high heel pump on the tip of my stockinged foot.

Carrying a purse.

Taking my compact out of my purse to touch up my makeup.

Wearing high heels.

The clicking of my high heels as I walk.

Being called "Ma'am."

Even better... being called "Miss."

Wrap dresses.

When a complete stranger stops to say, "I like your dress!" or something else I am wearing.

Shopping at a clothing store that starts a dressing room for me and displays my name on the dressing room door.


When a man holds the door open for me.

Dangly earrings.

Wearing lipstick.

Admiring glances.

My shaved legs.

Wearing a scarf.

Realizing that while I am presenting as a woman, it comes so naturally that I don’t have to think about it.


Source: MyHabit
Wearing Sofia Casmere.


Actor Matthew Martin in the San Francisco stage
production of Moby Dick! The Musical (2008).


  1. I agree with your list. I would only add one item. Girl Talk.

  2. I love pencil skirts too. Especially the wonderful feeling of tight pencil skirts restricting my steps as I walk.

  3. Your favorite things are also the favorite things for all of us, I guess. But what about pantyhose? You didn't really mention them. They are quite simply an essential part of women's garment. Not for you?
    It would be interesting to know which of your items are the most important ones for your readers. You should ask them and then add a list...
    Thanks for this post, which I appreciate a lot.