Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Modi Operandi

Happy New Year

Source: WhoWhatWear

Actor Alan Cumming in British television's The Runaway (2011).


  1. I had to look twice! is this a first?,,

  2. Happy New Year - Looking Great in either mode



  3. Great too see you in both modes, Stana -- thanks for posting. Happy New Year!

  4. Just when you think there's nothing new to post.... :)

  5. Here's wishing you a fabulous femulating New Year, and extending my good wishes also to that strange man who we've never seen before !!!

  6. Thank you for posting this, Stana!

  7. Dear Stana,

    Thank You for posting the lovely photos of you and your identical twin brother. Your smile glows in either presentation.




  8. Dear Stana,

    Thank you for that,
    Truly a great gift to us all.

    I feel like hugging both of you...

    And I do have to say that the lady looks twenty years younger : hey, another reason to femulate!

    All the best in 2015 for you and yours,

    Love, Hugs and Kisses!


  9. Looking fabulous...both of you! Happy New Year!

  10. Happy New Year Stana and brother! Twenty years younger, easy. Your posture is even different. Amazing what a cute dress and heels will do for a girl.
    XOXOX Elle

  11. Happy new year! Lifting my glass to toast your duality! And your integrity! May this new year be everything for you and yours!

  12. Amazing Stana! May your 2015 be filled with the freedom to present in whatever mode you desire. Thanks for running this wonderful site!

  13. You really change totally - he does not look femme at all - but you do. You look much nicer, and, as said, younger. And the difference in carriage - normal male vs. normal female, totally different

  14. I suppose this means you are now completely out of the closet and proudly living as a woman?

  15. Stana, Happy New Year, it's 2015 and are you are living full time as a woman or are you switching back and forth?

  16. Stana:

    With one bold stroke you've ushered in not just a New year, but a new era for Stana. Your mighty army of followers now stand in awe of our brave leader. We are ready for you to take us into new adventures You are our Frodo, we the fellowship. Ok, maybe too much hyperbole, but damn, girl, that was a wonderful gift to yourself and to us!

    Happy New Year and all my best.


  17. Wow, Stana what a courageous and powerfully affirming gesture! I salute you!

    Imagine what would happen if the hundreds who read this blog were to do the same! This would take the TG world past the tipping point where it is now resting. Imagine if there was a place on your website where all of us could publish our dual nature photos. This would be a cry out to the world that we are no longer ashamed, we are no longer happy to live in the shadows as third class citizens. We are no longer fearful to be exposed; as being a dual nature being is not a subject of ridicule. Imagine if the people on these pages were politicians, preachers, doctors, lawyers, bus drivers, teachers - in truth, as is probably the case anyway, a full cross section of normal society!

    This would be a celebration of our innermost feelings, whether they be trapped in a man's body, dual gender, gender fluid etc. This would be a place where we could stand together and say "we are part of life's great tapestry - get over it!". Imagine if there were so many of us who openly came out at the same time that, by the end of 2015, femulating in your local town/village was as common as skateboarding!

    This movement would be the electronic version of the Stone Wall riots.

    We stand proud for who we are. Being TG is a part of our nature that should be celebrated.


    Stana, you have made a call to action.

    Let the Revolution begin!

  18. Happy New Year, Stana - and I have to agree that you look twenty years younger on the right and much happier in that dress and heels! Live for yourself in 2015 and be who you are meant to be.

  19. You seem to be convincing in both modes, Well, I like the female mode, which looks natural... Wish you a Happy and Sweet New Year.
    Cuddles, Sravani

  20. Happy new year Stana. This really shows just how comfortable you are in your own skin which is affirming and wonderful. Msy you have a healthy 2015 and lots more posts for years and years to come...

  21. The young man is looking good, but he knows he has no choice. He feels like a woman, knows what a woman he makes and want to be a woman. So he has to femulate and we see a fabulous, fantastic woman. Stana, you are wonderful and a role model for all of us living in fear and still hesitating to come out. Thanks a lot! Wish you happy new year. Hugs Feli

  22. The Lion in the Wizard of Oz sang and spoke about courage. He received his medal from the Wizard.
    You live a life of courage through all that you do. This posting is your match to the Lion receiveing his medal.
    It is your courage that inspires others.

    Happy New Year.

  23. Wow, in male mode you look like a gal pal of mine when she is in male mode. For all I know you could be related I'll have to let him know. Nevertheless what a difference but I see a happy person in both pictures which resonates with me as well. I echo what Monica said ... change is upon us and you've made a big difference from the inside out, and the outside in!

    Best Wishes in in 2015!


    "courage is the price that life extracts for granting peace with yourself"... Amelia Earhart

  24. Cor Blimey! Shall I believe my eyes!
    [Ed: What's the matter?]
    Look for yourself..
    [Ed: Cor Blimey! Shall I believe my eyes!]
    I just said that!
    [Ed: Did you? didn't hear you]
    I didn't know she had a twin brother, did you?
    [Ed: Nope, never a dull moment with Stana, family turning up all over the place]
    I think she has a better taste in clothes than the brov.
    [Ed: Agree, both have the same smile tho, shows there's a strong bond]
    You are absolute amazing
    We thank you both for sharing
    Abi and Ed