Saturday, December 6, 2014

Bree’s Favorite Photo (of Bree!)


Bree's Bucket List Pictures

Step 1 - Get Out The Door! (June 2011 - Picture in the orange blouse)

It was only a quick run to a gas station to fill up the tank while on vacation in central Colorado, but it was one of the toughest doors I've opened in my life.

Step 2 - Go Overseas (November 2012 - Picture at the British Museum, London)

I was lucky enough to have my job send me to England for a week and since it was my second trip there, I had just enough confidence to bring Bree along for the ride. I shopped, visited castles, rode the tube, and toured London all while having an amazing experience.

Step 3 - Really Learn Makeup (December 2012 - Picture in the Silver Blouse)

I went to M·A·C and had them teach me how to do my makeup better. They did one side of my face and I repeated it on the other. Getting into the store in the middle of the mall without wearing any makeup other than beard cover was nerve-wracking! I still use almost everything I learned there whenever I go out.

Step 4 - Climb a Mountain (July 2013 - Picture Atop 14,036 ft Mt Sherman)

My alter ego had developed quite the passion for hiking 14ers while I lived in Colorado and Bree was dying to go. I made quite the adventure out of it with camping and climbing. What a view and what a rush!

Step 5 - To the Theatre! (April 2014 - Picture outside the Buell Theatre, Denver)

I'd been to a small and casual theatre with some friends before this, but this was the main attraction. A great friend was in from out of town and we went to see Rock of Ages. The show was fantastic and we had the time of our lives!

Step 6 - Out with Mom (July 2014 - Picture at the Mall of America)

This is otherwise known as "You can go home again." In the middle of my family's move from Denver to DC, I had a rare occasion to spend a few days at my childhood home while my wife and kids were at her parent's cabin. My mom had known about Bree for about eight months and we took the opportunity for a day of shopping at the Mall of America (where I worked during college). Mom bought me a few things and we had a wonderful day. 

Future Steps?

Who knows where I'll go, but I've been awfully fortunate to be where I've been and where I'm at. There are plenty of great opportunities for once-in-a-lifetime events here in DC and we'll just have to see what I can take advantage of!





Source: Light in the Box

Wearing Light in the Box.






Wife and husband dressed up to attend husband’s company Christmas party. (Wow!)


  1. Stana:

    As you probably know, Bree has taken the Washington, DC area by storm, after relocating here from Colorado. She is the epitome of what we all strive for --confident, classy, and fun, as evidenced from her fav photos. Colorado's loss has been DC's gain. (Hi Bree!)

    Best regards,

  2. 1. I'd love to know which company sponsored THAT Christmas party, where the husband would feel that comfortable going there in a dress.... I'd love to work there.

    2. If I'm ever in DC, I hope to be able to meet Bree....

    1. 1. If my memory serves me right, she worked for a high tech company in the San Francisco Bay Area.

  3. Bree is gorgeous...glad she's in the DC area. Perhaps someday we can meet up!

    As for the Femulator pic: Brave wife...and braver spouse...that's a lovely LBD! She looks good in it! Hope the party went well.


  4. Dee
    Love your pictures but more so I love the story behind them. I can related and attest to so much of what you say, the first step out the door, the MAC makeover, enfemme in the UK and a trip to the theater, heck we must be sisters!!!!!

  5. Thanks for the kind comments! I'd sure hope to meet many of you as well. What a great community we have!

  6. Thank you for sharing your wonderful story and your beauty, Bree! Are you on Facebook, hon?

  7. Thank you for sharing your wonderful story and your beautiful pix, Bree! You are gorgeous! Are you on Facebook, hon? :-)

  8. Bree is a great person, and is sorely missed here in Denver, though I'm happy she's continuing her good works in DC. She helped ME to get out and become a "woman of the world," and I'm doing my best to carry on her good works here in the Mile High City!

  9. As a femulating hiker! I have to give lots of you go! Girls!! To Bree for taking it out doors across he pond and up high! Something's I've done myself. For her to even include a girl camping adventure! Wow! ... Wow as well to the husband and with femulating at a work Christmas party: me thinks Stana might have that put away in the back of her mind.