Thursday, December 6, 2012

Bree Femulates in the UK – Part 1

By Bree Wagner


It was just over a year ago that I took my first steps out of the closet to sneak out of a hotel room and go get gas. What an amazing year it’s been. Since that point my wife has become much more accommodating of my crossdressing to include encouraging me to go meet others, giving me my name, and eventually even going out with me dressed.

I’ve had some wonderful experiences, gone to some great places, and met some wonderful people. It would be hard to ask for more. Even with that, I wouldn’t have expected in my wildest dreams that I’d get to get out on an international trip.

I really wasn't sure if it would happen, but Bree made her first appearance across the pond. I had packed my luggage with care; I needed all the space an extra wardrobe takes up and enough space to ensure I could take a good volume of presents home with me. Overall, I had a great time in the UK (other than that little bit about being there for work!) and was able to get out and about three times --- each being more incredible than the last.

The whole trip started off with a detour to Stonehenge on our way from Heathrow to Harrogate. It added a few hours journey to the day but was certainly worth it. That stop also started the pile of gifts that have built up in my suitcase to take home to soothe the savage beast that my wife will claim to be after hearing about my trip and not getting to take part this time.

After that it was mostly work, workout, eat and bed for the rest of the week. Damn those full English breakfasts! I really have had to watch my bacon intake. 

I did get away from work for a few hours one day before the sun went down. I visited Bolton Abbey and from there climbed Simon's Seat, a hill in the dales just west of Harrogate. Gorgeous sights (with amazing pictures) and well worth the hike.

On the weekend I went off to Edinburgh for a day and toured the castle, walked the Royal Mile, and climbed up Arthur's Seat overlooking the city to get some great pictures. On my way back to Harrogate, I stopped at the English/Scottish Border and at one of the old Roman forts along Hadrian's Wall. Talk about impressive ruins from almost 2000 years ago!

Monday, I didn’t have to be at work until 1 and figured I’d take the opportunity for Bree to get out and wander through the Valley Gardens in Harrogate. I got ready, did my makeup with as much care as I could spare in the time available, and picked an outfit. I went with a favorite red, gray, and black striped top with gray pants, black heeled boots and a ¾-sleeve black jacket. 

It was a ton of fun to get out. I spent a bit over an hour in the gardens looking for good picture spots (there were plenty) and checking out the flowers that had survived the recent frosts.

I then had a bit of time to wander back to my hotel through the town. It was quite a bit more walking than I've done in those heels before and it became clear that a few more stops (and snaps!) were in order. So pictures in the town center, in front of the famous Betty's Tea Room, and a few more were taken. All too soon I had to get back to change for work.

Unfortunately, as I got back to my hotel to change the fire alarm went off just as I made it to my room. So it was back down nine flights of stairs (just as the boots were really starting to get to me!) and out of the hotel for 15 or so minutes. I decided that I might as well make the best of it and wandered around looking for some pretty areas and taking a few more pictures. With all that, I still made it to work on time, but it was close!
After this I was really excited to get another opportunity or two to get dressed and get out. My plans were to try and get out into the countryside and to see some of London.

Stay tuned for Part 2!

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