Saturday, December 20, 2014

Colleen’s Favorite Photo (of Colleen!)

Colleen-Diana-1_www The story behind the photo is that I took an opportunity to visit a makeup artist/photographer for a makeover and photoshoot several years ago.  I had never been seen by anyone else while dressed until the day of the makeover/photoshoot. 

First Amanda did a fabulous job of making me look like a woman.  I didn't recognize myself.

Second, she opened her closet to me an allowed me to select from an extensive wardrobe that  she had collected over the years. 

Once I was dressed in the borrowed clothes we started the photoshoot.  It was exciting, but also very tiring.  It's hard to continue to smile when your feet are hurting from the shoes you are wearing and some of the foundation garments you are wearing start to chafe your skin.  However, those trifles were more than made up for by the quantity and quality of the photos that Amanda took.

After we tried several different costumes it was time to go home.  I dressed in an outfit of mine and after having several photos taken, I made a huge decision: I decided to wear that outfit home.  I had to travel approximately 85 miles back to my home and I did the whole trip dressed up as a woman.  It was exhilarating and dangerous ― dangerous because I kept checking myself out in the rear-view mirror during the trip.  I loved it.

I've had Amanda do my makeup a few times, but that first time was the start of my new life of being who I am more than I had ever done before.

I hope you like the photo.

In response to my open invitation to send your favorite photo along with the story behind it and the reason it is your favorite photo, I received a lot of photos and stories that I am posting in the the order I received them. My invitation still stands, so don't be shy, send me your photos! And by the way, there are currently 17 girls' photos in the queue.





Source: Bebe

Wearing Bebe.






Professional femulator extraordinaire Laverne Cummings, circa 1965.


  1. This is a really nice photo Colleen! Dare I say that she caught you with a mischevious come-hither look.Your hair is very becoming on you as well. I've been so impressed with many of the photos that have appeared in the "marathon" and was remiss to add a comment to them (as I was away for awhile) so for those girls who have already had yours posted, rest assured that they would grace any mantlepiece - or, be used as inserts in new wallets and purses - now there's a thought .... I wonder how we all could get that job? :-)

  2. Dear Colleen,

    You look gorgeous! Your ensemble is beautiful. That's exactly the way I love to dress. The ultra-satiny blouse, straight skirt, nylons, pumps, makeup, and jewelry are all perfect. I can relate to how THRILLED you must have been dressing and being made-up like that.



  3. No matter how it was achieved, it's beauitful,

    luv, Caro.