Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Happy New Bra!

Elle e-mailed be about checking off another item from her bucket list.

One of my bucket items, and yours as well, was getting a bra-fitting. I did it!

Actually, I was not totally committed to the idea until my daughter said, "Just do it."

Totally drab in a T-shirt and my Gloria Vanderbuilt jeans Glorias (running shoes), I asked the nice lady in Nordstrom if I could get one. She could not have been nicer and said, "Of course."

She grabbed a tape measure and we went to the men's dressing room and like any other woman, she measured me and said she would return with some samples.

When she returned with a 42C, I was amazed always thinking I was a 48B. I had brought along some inserts, but the ones she brought were much better. She put me at ease and we had a nice girly conversation about women's breasts, about bras in depth and about how 90% are wearing the wrong size. We also talked about all her trans customers.

I left with a nice little number and the inserts. A fine bra it is that fits like a glove. A good bra will cost more than the usual, but the fit is amazing.

All in all, we are our own worst enemy when it comes to fearing this. Women are, like you have said, fascinated by us.

Source: Ann Taylot

Wearing Ann Taylor.

Womanless beauty pageant contestant.


  1. I have been measured in three different stores, and given three different results. So what size bra do I wear, any size I want to.

  2. Where did you get that womanless photo?

  3. I had a rather uninterested associate measure my band size, once, she came up with 42. As I have yet to start growing my own beyond my limited puberty growth provided, I typically use a set of A-to-B cup fillers. As 42B's generally don't exist I made due with a tight 38B, and have since added a band extender. I've recently added a 40B Bali T-shirt/underwire and I love not having to use the extender. I hope that once I begin hormones, I don't wind up with anything bigger than a C-cup.


  4. I think that is wonderful. I have been afraid to ask them.

  5. It took me years to get up the nerve Josephine. Second time will be bit more fun as just the woman to woman exchange is worth the confidence it builds. So I own a few bras, ehh!

  6. I made a few, ok lot of mistakes with my bra buying. There are a few rules that one can follow, but I think as has been said a fitting is the best bet.