Friday, December 12, 2014


envy_shari_wig_alt4 I Christmas shop for my family and my family Christmas shops for the male I pretend to be for my family. But no one Christmas shops for the woman I really am, so I have to Christmas shop for her myself. Which is not a bad thing because I know what she wants, know the sizes she wears, and therefore, I will never be disappointed by a self-gift.

Recently, I received a cash award at work for a successful project that I worked on, so I decided to reward my female self with some extra gifts this year.

A girl can never own too many panties and mine are starting to show their age, so I  bought some high-leg brief panties from Victoria's Secret.

Also, I want to introduce more womenswear into my boy wardrobe, so I bought four pairs of pants from DressBarn --- two pairs of dress slacks that I can wear to work and two pairs of denim jeggings that I may be able wear to work. I am not sure about the jeggings; they may be too feminine for boy wear, but I don't have any jeans for girl mode, so now I do.

In the last century, I bought a set of silicone push-up bra inserts that I used to enhance my cleavage when I wore something that exposed my girls. They worked great until I inadvertently poked a hole in one with a safety pin. It leaked and was ruined.

Since then, I used homemade inserts when need be. But I missed the silicone inserts, so I sprung for a pair (from Original Looks) that was highly-rated on Amazon.

Also on Amazon, I bought some fishnet stocking stuffers: some slide-on foam cushion backs for my clip-on earrings and earring converters to transition pierced earrings to clip-ons.

I thought I was done self-gifting, then along came an e-mail from WigSalon advertising some new Envy brand wigs. Usually, I just briefly glance at such e-mails and then move them in the trash, but I noticed that they had a new wig similar to the my hairstyle du jour, but in a large cap size.

Truth be told, I have a large head, but a large collection of average cap size wigs. As a result, my wigs are forever trying to jump ship and I am forever pulling at them to keep them on board.

Look around and you will not find too many large cap size wigs and none in a style that I like, so I never owned a large cap size wig... until now. Shari from Envy in sparkling champagne will soon grace my head. You can be sure I will take a selfie of Shari ASAP.





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  1. As my guy self there is very little that I care for or need. If I have a need I will get something so, not to be too Scrroge-like, I can do without guy presents.

    On the other hand I think that it would be so special if my wife were to get me something feminine, a bra, a slip, a would not matter much what it is but it would be an affirmation that 'It is the thought that counts'.


  2. My SO (at the time) was supportive of Julie - so much so that for our first Christmas together she got me a gorgeous night gown. Oh, to have THAT kind of support again.

  3. I was feeling a bit guilty for my bit of self-indulgence this holiday season... You have made me feel much better about it! Thank you! That is very pretty hair, I can't wait to see a photo!

    Happy Holidays to All!