Monday, December 8, 2014

Yes, that's me!


When I saw this image on Pinterest, I thought that there was a lot of truth to it.

When I am not presenting as a woman and I see another woman who has her act together, I admire her, but I am jealous, too --- jealous that I am not dressed like she is.

High heels always does it for me. In my opinion, if a woman is wearing heels, it is likely that her overall appearance is pulled together.

So whenever I hear the clicking sound of high heels, I look to see where the sound is coming from and I am usually rewarded with the vision of a well-dressed woman. Then I become envious and wish I was in her shoes literally.

I also get crabby when I am in boy mode, but when I present as a woman, I am relaxed, comfortable and generally happy.

So I will admit it: I am a girl!





Source: Bluefly

Wearing Hayden.





Professional femulator Robbie Ross, circa 1965.


  1. I would add that there are also times when I see a woman wearing something identical or similar to an item in my wardrobe. Years ago I saw a pretty young girl walking through GCT wearing identical beige strappy heels that I had just purchased. Over the weekend my wife and I went to a dinner show and there was a pretty young lady wearing a dress with the identical pattern (red and black print) and material to a dress that I have. Hers had no sleeves while mine had 3/4 length sleeves and hers had some pleating in the skirt area while mine is more of a wrap style.
    For me whenever I see a woman wearing something similar to an item in my closet I get a sense of affirmation and acceptance.

    1. That has happened to me a few times, too, Pat, and it is always a feel-good moment!

  2. I agree. I get very jealous and envious of other women because i just want the freedom that they have and to wear heels whenever i want. I also love when my heels are clicking in sync with other women when I'm crossing the street or shopping in the mall....

  3. Even though I have a very limited wardrobe, I saw a woman last week with a lovely figure wearing a dress I had just bought (online of course) and I thought wow! Well I’ll be, then I do have good taste in women’s clothes! There also followed a sigh wishing I had her figure to go with it..

  4. Wow! I'd never thought I would see you identify as a "sissy," reposting images with a Tumblr URL in them that is definitely NSFW.( )

    You seem to have come a long way in embracing sexuality, Stana!

  5. Two years ago I would have laughed, but now if I cannot wear anything feminine, I get a little cranky. Not all of my family cares to see me as Elle so I am limited to my underthings and jeans that are actually from the womans department. But loungewear is out of the question, now that I am home again I can be me and stress levels plummet. Nothing like home sweet home!

  6. For me it's a double-edged sword that usually balances my inner struggle. I think to myself "Mmm, those heels look delicious, yet painful". I also find that when I crossdress at home, I'm really constricted:
    * If I'm in heels, forget about going up and down stairs too many times
    * Long nails, good luck typing without mis-typing every other word
    * If it's summer, a wig will make you sweat in no time

  7. I agree - I also find myself looking around at women in public, on the street or in the mall, and think, "They can walk around in skirts, hose and pumps - and DON'T. Yet I want to - and CAN'T." Something's not right here.

  8. Yes, that's you and yes, that's me and yes, we are not the only ones.
    So, why do we have to admit our womanhood?
    I agree with Julie:"Something's not right here."