Monday, December 1, 2014

Your Favorite Photo (of Yourself!) Marathon

TV stations like to run marathons during holidays and this TV is no different, so I hope you enjoy the Femulate Your Favorite Photo (of Yourself!) Marathon through the holiday weekend.

Carollyn’s Favorite Photo (of Carolyn!)

Like you, Stana, I have so many pictures when I'm out and about at my favorite places, but here are two photos for your use.

The first is from earlier this summer at a lovely park near my home. I love going to this park to relax, read a book or watch the wild turkeys. 

The second is from earlier this year at my favorite up-scale outdoor mall, The Fountains in Roseville, California. I love wandering through the shops and enjoying the eateries. This is one shopping area where one can dress up a bit and fit right in with the other shoppers.

Thanks for all you do.

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