Thursday, December 4, 2014

Outreach Words

IMG_2420_cropped_www I have no problem driving my standard/manual transmission Subaru wearing high heels. But lately, I have been switching to flats when I drive unless it is a short ride to here or there.

The reason being that I discovered that driving scuffs up and scratches my heels more than when I drive wearing flats or shoes with a small heel. And unless I am trying to show off how fashionable I am, I don't necessarily switch to heels when I reach my destination.

For example, Wednesday, I drove the 30 miles to New Haven wearing my short wedges. When I stopped at CVS to buy a package of makeup wipes and other sundry items, I did not switch to my heels. (By the way, here is a tip for the frugal femulator: use baby wipes in place of makeup wipes. Baby wipes are cheaper, but just as effective as makeup wipes.)

After CVS, I continued on to the University and after parking my car, only then did I switch to heels.

There is a big construction project at the University that is eating away at the parking lot that is next to the classroom buildings where I do outreach. As a result, there was no room for my car in that lot, so I had to park at the next nearest parking facility --- a half-mile away from the classrooms.

So when I switched to heels, I considered carrying my short wedges (just in case) because I had a long walk on pavement ahead of me and my feet. But I decided against it because I was wearing my comfortable Karmen pumps from Payless.

It was a good test for my Karmens and they passed with flying colors. My feet were painless after the half-mile trek, as well as after the return half-mile.

By the way, in addition to my Karmens, I wore my black/dark gray/light gray color-block cowlneck belted sweater dress (from DressBarn), black opaque tights and for outerwear, my white fake fur jacket and a green fun fur scarf that my wife knitted for me.

Tomorrow, I will post more outreach words.





Wearing Kallia (footwear).





Actors Vic Ford  and Chris Sheen femulating in the 1949 British film Skimpy In The Navy.


  1. For several years I only had one pair of Payless high heel pumps. They were brown suede and very comfortable. I did most of my other shoe shopping elsewhere looking for low priced leather heals that I thought would be more comfortable and easier to break in. Following your suggestion a few months ago I bought my first pair of Karmen black pumps and a pair of Karen Ornament peep toe pumps. Both are very comfortable and can be worn all day. Thanks to you I think that Payless will be my first option in buying new shoes. I think I may 'need' a few more pair of Karmen's in other colors and some of their other shoes look very tempting. Many come in wide and most go up to a size that will fit me nicely.

    As for driving a stick in heels that is something that I always enjoyed. A few years ago I had access to a 22 year old Porsche and was living in a house with a long (160') up hill driveway. This old car had the stiffest clutch I have ever driven. To back out of the driveway you did need to ride the clutch. The first time I did it, however, while wearing Newport News 4" stiletto pumps I though that my calf would explode before I got the car up the driveway to where I could fully let out the clutch. Driving a hot car with a stiff clutch while wearing a dress, hose and heels is a wonderful experience that I am sure is not experienced by too many folks born male.

    1. I stocked up on Payless Karmen and Jaclyn pumps. I bought every color that they had in my size! I found that Jaclyn is as comfortable as Karmen despite it having a pointy toe.

      I love driving a stick en femme --- I feel like Ann-Margret!

    2. I recomment the Karen ornament peep toe. Classic and comfortable. I was tempted to try the Jaclyn and will add it to my next order. The pointy toe did scare me a bit.
      I like the Ann-Margaret reference. There is a real kick out of kicking down the clutch in a high hee.