Friday, December 19, 2014


In my "Self-Gifting" post, I wrote that “I want to introduce more womenswear into my boy wardrobe, so I bought four pairs of pants from DressBarn --- two pairs of dress slacks that I can wear to work and two pairs of denim jeggings that I may be able wear to work. I am not sure about the jeggings; they may be too feminine for boy wear, but I don't have any jeans for girl mode, so now I do.”

A few day ago, the mailman delivered the slacks and I immediately inspected my order.

The two pairs of dress slacks fit perfectly and are suitable for either girl or boy mode. The only issue I have with the dress slacks is that the front pockets are shallow.

The two pairs of jeggings also fit perfectly, but in different ways. The legs on the one pair were very narrow and very tight just like a pair of leggings. There was no question that they were womenswear. The other pair had wider legs similar to your typical menswear stretch jeans.

The only issue was that both pairs of jeggings had false front pockets; it looked like they had front pockets, but in fact, there were no front pockets.

In boy mode, I populate my pockets with a wallet, loose change, car keys, a comb, a handkerchief and if there is no shirt, vest or jacket pocket available, an iPhone. So I think I will need a purse when I wear the jeggings and maybe even the dress slacks.

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  1. I've had the same problem with pockets, as I wear a lot of girl pants when I'm in either boy or intergender mode. I found a gorgeous leather backpack that is about the size of a large pocket book -- it's just large enough to accommodate my tablet. I had it with me at FF and you may have seen it - although I was using my pocketbooks much of that week.

    I've never been given a second look with it and I even had one guy ask where I'd gotten it (a leather shop in New Hampshire). He appeared cis but who knows, maybe he was struggling with a pocket problem too.

    I like it enough that I use it sometimes when in girl mode but I'm kind of an herbal gerbil, so it fits my style. It certainly wouldn't substitute for a black clutch. :-)

    I can also carry it pocket book style, which give me a feminine touch when in boy mode. Sort of my quiet fist in the air to the folks to whom I'm not out.

  2. Interesting that with filling pockets. I remember some time in the distant past, that my MrsA bought me what looked like a small clutch bag. It was grey in colour (what else for a man) and had a lash that was just long enough to go over the hand in case one inadvertently let go. She bought it for me because she was fed up of having to look at me running around in my baggy pants looking like a hamster! It was quite practical, enough space for wallet, keys, address book (analog) 3 or 4 pens, bag of boiled sweets, ball of string, a couple of rubber bands and a lipstick.. whoops! sorry force of habit. It seemed to go out of mode pretty quickly no idea why. Maybe they should bring them back this time with a better colour selection.

  3. I carry my crossbody bag whenever I'm in drab. Today I saw an old neighbor of mine ~ no comment on bag.

  4. I hate using the pockets on my male pants. I think the female pants have the right idea, make the pockets vestigial. You might consider for male appearances a small bicycle messenger bag. I have one of the largest varieties, but the smaller one is about the size of a mid-sized purse and would have room for everything including an I-pad or net book. REI would be a good place to fine one to try out.

  5. Very few of my pants have pockets these days...maybe one or two pairs. I don't often wear them, and when I do, I don't use the pockets. Instead, I carry one of my several crossbody purses, which my lack of pockets dictates that I carry every day. This has been the case for years. When people see me, they see me with a purse. No exceptions, unless I'm around the house. And no problems.

    Strangely enough, my wife bought my first "purse" for me. As did Abigale's wife, mine disliked my bulging pockets, which she often had to repair because sharp edges of my keys wore holes in them. That weekly event no longer occurs, and she's happy about being able to leave the sewing kit in the cupboard.

    With one exception, my purses are all black. (That lone exception is a cordovan Liz Claiborne bag I found at a thrift shop near where I was - when the purse I was carrying failed.) She couldn't object to that one under the circumstances. But it really was too small, and I don't use it these days. Though I refuse to dispose of it.

    Now I just have to push the envelope enough that she stops objecting to the idea of my carrying lighter color purses in the summer!