Thursday, December 11, 2014

Don't Miss Miz Gator


Jennifer Merrill alerted me about the YouTube video of the Miz Gator Womanless Beauty Pageant that was put on by the Ware County High School in Waycross, Georgia. The school's cheerleading team organized it as a fundraiser for the football season and they did a fantastic job.

Jennifer's comment says it all, "If the boys in Ware County look this beautiful in evening gowns, the girls must be unbelievable! The gowns, the wigs, the bling, the heels (where they're wearing them) and the way they walk in them... even the manicures and the makeup! Amazing!"

The girls went all out for this pageant and methinks some of the contestants have been practicing for a long time (and may still be practicing today --- if you know what I mean).

Ibida Queen, the girl who ultimately was crowned Miz Gator was the most impressive. Besides gorgeous, she had all the moves and mannerisms of a pageant queen rather than a guy in a dress. Like Jennifer said, "Amazing!"

See for yourself!





Source: La Redoute

Wearing La Redoute.






British actor, magician and stand-up comedian Victoria Elizabeth.


  1. I had a feeling Ibida was the winner at the very beginning

    1. I had the same feeling, although I was rooting for the girl who was selected as the prettiest (far left in the photo above).

  2. Dear Stana,

    My vote for the winner would have been the "girl" in the pale pink chiffon floor length gown.



  3. Dear Stana

    Thanks so much for sharing- I love it! I agree with you on who should have won, too...

  4. Wow, these "guys" went all out (not counting the hairy ones). Some obviously took it seriously and some, of course, may be T girls who were having the time of their life!

  5. So funny! We all thought the girl in the pink chiffon dress - Ida Bess Taylor - should have won... certainly the most naturally feminine and one of the prettiest competitors I've ever seen in a womanless pageant video or pix. But I also have to say that the girl who won - Ibida Queen - worked her dress and look like few professional queens I've seen. I went looking for a 2nd annual pageant, but I haven't found the sequel yet. :-( Ibida was a senior and so would have moved on, but Ida Bess was a junior... in the great tradition of drag pageants, this would have been her year! lol! ;-)

    1. Good luck with the search! As a kind of PS, I was also very stuck by the high quality production values of the video- far better than most amateur efforts