Friday, October 10, 2014

Your Favorite Photo (of You!)

IMG_2846_cropped_web On Wednesday, Femulate featured Michelle's personal favorite photograph of herself along with the story behind the photograph and why it is her favorite.

In response, I received an e-mail from another Michelle which included her favorite photograph along with the story behind her photo. (I will post her photo and story here if I receive her permission to do so.)

A lot of us take a lot of photos of ourselves. I admit it and I do it for a number of reasons including to see how I look in the outfit I am wearing, to document my progress, to remind myself how I look when I am not presenting in my true gender and to feed the blog.

You may have other reasons for being a prolific self-photographer, but whatever the reason, you and I do take a lot of photos. And like both Michelles, you probably have a favorite photo.

So I invite you to send me your favorite photo along with its story (long or short). Include why the photo is your favorite and I will publish it here for all of us to see, read and enjoy.

To keep the ball rolling...

My favorite photo of me is the one above that I self-took after I got dressed to kill to attend my law school class reunion in 2012. I like the photo for a number of reasons: I love the outfit I put together and I don't look bad for a 61-year-old woman.

But also, the photo is my favorite because attending the reunion was probably the most daring thing I ever did. Unlike other outings where I forewarned my friends and acquaintances, I went into the reunion cold. My name was on the guest list, so my classmates knew I would be attending, but they had no idea I would be attending in my true gender.

By the way, as I wrote here back in 2012, "I had a wonderful time to put it mildly!" There was not a discouraging word and if you are interested, you can read about my reunion experience here and here, but don't forget to send me your favorite photo.





Source: Leggs

Wearing Leggs.





Actor Sean Kaufmann femulating in the 2008 film titled Stiff Luv.

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  1. However, Stana, I'm not sure I've forgiven you for publishing the "femulate her" picture next to mine on Wednesday - just to show how a red, shiny, above the knee dress should really look!!! Wow!