Monday, October 20, 2014

I Can See Truro From Here

(Photo shot by Natalie)
On the road at 9:15 AM, the traffic to Provincetown was very cooperative and I arrived at my B&B at 1:30 PM, 17 minutes sooner than the Google iOS Maps estimate. 

After I moved the bags into my room, I walked to the hotel where the registration for Fantasia Fair was located, picked up my registration package, and ran into old friends Jamie and Barbara. Then I trekked back to my B&B to unpack and femulate.

I Veeted my body hair, showered, shaved and made up my face, and dressed. I wore my black jumpsuit and nude heels. 

At 6 PM, I walked two block to the Japanese restaurant for the Fantasia Fair welcoming reception. Met up with my old friends Diana, Melissa, and Natalie. I also met Davina, a girl from Brazil who reads Femulate and has exchanged e-mail with me on occasion.

We grabbed a booth and spent the evening exchanging girl-talk while eating delicious hors d'oeuvre and sushi. 

I was very tired and called it quits at 8:45 PM, returned to my B&B to face the explosion that occurred in my room when I unpacked. After dealing with the contents of my luggage, I began this blog post and here we are!


  1. I don't know the expression "I can see Truro from here" - is it one that's used in the USA, or does it have another origin?


  2. Truro is the next town south of Provincetown on the Cape and due to the curvature of Cape Cod, it is visible across the water from Provincetown.