Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ready or Not


Some things never change! I posted this image the last time I went to Fantasia Fair and its sentiments still apply.

Got one packing chore out of the way. I went through the Stana Jewelry Collection and selected what to take to Provincetown. I know I over-packed, but at least I got that done. Now I just have to pack my clothes.

Checked out the Subaru for the roadtrip. Driving lately felt like the tires needed air and sure enough, one tire was short about 6 pounds.

Did I mention that I hate driving? Actually, the trip to P-Town is not bad --- four hours on decent roads without a lot of traffic during midday Sunday.

Accuweather predicts daytime temps ranging from the mid-50s to mid-60s with nighttime temps no worse than the low-40s. The only rain in the forecast is a “stray shower” on Wednesday. I can live with that!





Source: ShopBop

Wearing Theory dress and Clare bag.






Professional femulator Paolo Ballesteros.


  1. Will you going from home as Stana to P-town?

    1. Unlikely. I want to leave early Sunday morning to beat the traffic, so I will be busy battening down the hatches between the time I awake and the time I leave the house, which leaves no time to femulate.

  2. Safe travels and have fun. I hate travel because of the packing. I have to go on a business trip next week and even packing for two days is an irritant. If I could make an extended trip to FF en femme I think I would just toss as much stuff into the car as would fit and sort things out when I got there.

  3. I hate the Mid-Cape Highway (Rt 6). It seems like it will never end, it just goes on and on. It the is the longest 1 hour drive, I think it is psychological because your on the Cape and it is hard to realize that it is still an hour drive to P-town.

    1. And it is not scenic until you are nearly at its end!

  4. Dear Stana,

    Have a lovely time at Fantasia Fair!



  5. OOooh do I feel your pain. I took Tuesday off to do last minute shopping. I've got a pile of clothes on the floor in the laundry room. I never got to my nails, which means I'll have to mortgage the house and get them done in PTown. And my Subaru is dragging a brake but I don't have time to get it into the shop.

    No problem. It's FF time!!