Friday, October 17, 2014

Trick or Treat?

Another co-worker stopped by my cubicle and asked if I was going to dress for Halloween. My response was non-committal.

I was not being coy. I just really don’t know if I will dress for Halloween this year. And it’s not like I have to plan ahead for it --- I can decide the night before or even the morning of.

By the way, my co-worker plans to dress as a priest for Halloween and suggested that I dress like a nun.

The only nun that I would ever consider dressing like is the Leather Nun of comix book fame, but that would be too way over the top for work.

If I dress, some variation of business woman drag is more likely.







Wearing ShoeDazzle boots.






A Halloween Princess Diane femulation.


  1. Halloween is Friday so there remains a bit of the casual Friday dress code. In your case you will be back from FF for about a week by the 31st. After being full emersion femme up in P-Town and then having to switch back to work mode you may be up for a day as business woman.

  2. Come on, you know you're going to

  3. Go with 60's Business Woman, or 80's Business Woman!

  4. Sisters of Perpetual indulgence are a mainstay of LGBT culture out here. That said, they tend to mock the female which I believe we strive to honor. Ultimately, I believe that's the problem with using Halloween as a escape for our fem-side is it takes a serious side of us into a campy parody. The example I can think of is, the male is the real costume and that's something you wear about 300 days a year.