Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Jamie's Favorite Photo (of Jamie!)

In response to my open invitation to send me your favorite photo along with the story behind it and the reason it is your favorite, I received a bunch of photos and stories that I will begin posting in the blog today starting with Jamie. My invitation still stands, so don't be shy, send me your photos!

Here is my favorite photo to date. One reason I love this photo was because finding this dress at the thrift store made my heart leap. It is beautiful and most importantly it fit!!

The second reason I love this photo is that it was taken the morning I went to the Boston Pride Parade with some very close awesome friends. This being only the second time Jamie went out into the broad daylight. A much better experience than my first time because this time I carried a pair of ballet flats in my purse to save my feet from 12 hours in heels. A lesson I learned the hard way previously.







Wearing Ann Taylor.






Carolyn (right), a femulator, appeared in a 2007 episode of King of the Hill.


  1. Nice photo, nice reason

  2. I love this whole series of favorite photos-- you are all so beautiful!