Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday Fumbles


I have had a difficult time getting back on track after my vacation last week. As a result, posts here have been late. Instead of appearing at the crack of dawn (East Coast time), mid-morning or high noon has been more like it.

Fantasia Fair begins in 16 days and I am not as organized for it as I'd like to be. My Oz costume is still in a state of flux. I am not sure which outfits to bring. I have two workshops to prepare for. And do I want to perform in the Follies and/or do I want to model in the fashion show this year?

Trying to get in the groove, Jackson, a tooth issue and emergency dentist visit on Tuesday did not help.

Other Fumbles

During vacation, I started reading Fear and Loathing at Rolling Stone: The Essential Writing of Hunter S. Thompson and that has put me in an introspective mood.

Halloween is a “casual Friday” this year!

Diana's comments on my Take the Money and Run post indicate that the Hartford Gay & Lesbian Health Collective seem more supportive of transgender folks today than in the past, but $150 is still a little too rich for my blood.

Anybody recognize Dave Foley in my Being a Modern Lady post on Wednesday? His career intrigues me. He was the best femulator on Kid in the Hall and has been sort of typecast ever since playing other roles that involve femulation. Lucky guy!





Source: Louis Vuitton

Wearing Louis Vuitton.






Actor/comedian Dave Foley femulating in television’s Kid in the Hall.


  1. I think Dave Foley may be little TOO good.

  2. Agreed -- Dave Foley WAS the best KID IN THE HALL at emulating. He made a VERY attractive woman. So much so you wonder if he contained it to on screen only!

  3. BTW - where is that Dave Foley pic (from your Being A Modern Lady post) from? I admit, I didn't recognize him.

    1. It's from "The Kids in the Hall: Death Comes to Town," an eight-episode Canadian mini-series broadcast in 2010.

  4. At least Dave shaved off the goatee beard for the role

  5. Organizing your femulating travel gear to spend the better part of the week at FF seems like a daunting task. I have a semi green light from my wife about going as a female zombie to the Asbury Park Zombie walk tomorrow and it pulling girl zombie appropriate clothes and shoes from the closet was not easy. I grabbed several old and ready to be disposed of black and gray tops and skirts and if the light stays green I will make a game day decision on what to wear. Doing my makeup will be interesting. After working for years on trying to get my makeup to have me look good, fresh and feminine I have to modify it to make me look, old, ashen, blood streaked, sallow eyed and dead.

  6. He Femulates Beautifully